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A ridiculously short note by the editor of Noted writer and historical figure, "There are those who write and then there are those who like to read about writing but somehow never get around to it."

Writer Filter = ON  <Comment: Writer filter filters Calhoun County  (and surrounding counties) for the rare people of innate genius who are qualified to write news and feature articles about Calhoun County, Alabama.</font></p>> 


     I have often said, (mostly to myself) that the only true mark of writing success is to be paid.
     Thus...well written, semi-timeless features, and news articles of interest will be paid at a rate of $5. Photos will enhance the likelihood of seeing your work in
     If the pittance we offer is not sufficient, we can't afford you anyway and you should seek your worth elsewhere. Man and boy I got paid $5 for my newspaper articles. It wasn't the was getting paid in cash for my work that was important. And, of course, there are other rewards that come with being a recognized local writer. If you can relate to the concept, we want to see your words in print here on GC. Get printed and get paid.

Only The Facts of Getting Published on GC...  

  • Submit your idea first. You mustn't assume you will be published.
  • No ideas? Contact me and I'll assign a story for you.
  • I prefer features as opposed to perishable news. If you don't know the difference you may ask. I like to work with sincere writers who are capable of producing literate fare who understand how to craft a good article using the elements of good composition. 
  • However...Can you produce a weekly (or more often) local/regional sports news article? Contact GC. If you want to catch a break and build a raft of work for your resume...this is your chance.
  • The pay is low, but only top notch material will be accepted. Writers of any age group are accepted as long as your material reflects your best effort. The material doesn't have to be serious, but the writer must be.
  • Your work should run from 500-1000 words. Longer work may be accepted.
  • Your work must pertain to things Calhoun County*, whether past, present, or future. Convince me that moon rocks have been located in Calhoun County and you may write about the moon.
  • *Correction/Addition!  For 2006 has expanded opportunities for area writers! Beginning Jan 2006 invites writers in surrounding counties to submit feature articles for publication. The counties include Talladega County, Randolph County, St. Clair County, and Cleburne County. If you have the goods, we want to see it. The same rules apply here as features set in Calhoun County, AL.
  • Your final product should be submitted via email. Single spaced Word files preferred. Will accept other text media.
  • Attach your photos to an email. Where possible, send the full size medium resolution pictures. I'll cut them down to size.

     Contact me and tell me about your interesting idea. In compensation for the abominable pay, consider that GC gets a LOT of page views. Your heart and our hits makes for a happy collaboration!

Norman Morrison



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