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Web Marketing Alabama   Web Services Alabama

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Web Hosting Alabama   Web Development Alabama  
Web Marketing Alabama   Web Services Alabama

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Web Development Alabama featuring Anniston AL, Oxford AL,
Jacksonville AL, Talladega AL, Heflin AL, and Piedmont AL!

You are on this page because you know your business needs to be represented on the internet and you have questions...

Let me present to you for your consideration. It is Alabama’s premiere internet marketing vehicle. By design, it delivers your business and and products to the public better than any other community website. While any good copyrighter can make a good pitch, we are always delighted to back up our brag. It is a fact when we say, "Is your business small in size? Don't worry. will equalize." has no competition for most specific Alabama searches. This means that your fully customized display full display page(s) will be at the top of searches for your product. While this can’t be guaranteed, to date, we have achieved this for every Alabama page that we have built and we’re happy to demonstrate this to you. Placing your page with is your best choice to be found on the internet for local and area business. We're happy to share our page stats and show examples of our success.

Pricing for Our pricing model is simple: $30 per month paid twice a year or annually. 10% discount for annual contract.

Pricing for Websites: Full websites begin at $459 for smaller sites and $959 for the deluxe business models.

Website Design: We make complete websites. To date we have more than 40 online using a variety of web development platforms including FrontPage, xSitePro, Wordpress, and Joomla. Whether you need a simple site, or one powerful enough for a corporation, we would love to hear from you.

We do Search Engine Optimization: If you don't know what this is and you are thinking of a website, page with, or already own your own under-performing website, then you need to know. We can show you ample and real time proof of how we’re able to do remarkable things to rank pages and websites very high for Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.

No matter if you have an under performing website, or you want your next website to beat the competition, you will want to talk with us about how we can help you to achieve your goals. SEO is a combination of science and art, and we are very good at it.

We have been working with the public and making pages since 1998. Fully customized page(s) on are $30 monthly with a 10% discount for a yearly contract.

SEO packages start at $100 which includes article submissions and social Web 2.0 submissions. We're flexible and always willing to entertain your proposal for other design needs. Don't know what Web 2.0 is? We're happy to explain, and explain why it is so important to you. Learn more about why Search Engine Optimization is so important to your local business here in GC country. An exclusive GetCalhoun Video Presentation by Norman Morrison. View it below or download it above...


We are ALWAYS delighted to prove that we are indeed a GREAT choice for your SEO work. and websites we build for you over deliver. You will be pleased. Please contact us immediately for GREAT service.

A web page, product, or website that is the best in the world is worth nothing if it can not be found by someone looking for your product. Here at OceanView Graphics and Design, we strive with every project we tackle to be the page at the top of every Google search. Again, we’re happy to demonstrate our results to date.

Affiliate Commission. Absolutely unique in the industry, offers existing customers the ability to save money by referring friends and business colleagues. When a referral takes a year of our great advertising, we'll take extend your contract for three months. Full websites pay even better.

Advertising directly here on will take care of your internet visibility. If your needs are more complex, then by all means contact us so that we can see how we can help. (256)405-9713.

Have you visited my incomparable Anniston Alabama Website?...

Anniston Alabama is the most beautiful website I have ever created....Norm

Have you visited There are terrific banner advertising opportunities for you on this
new and dynamic local website from It's wide open for your business or organization!

Let me work with you for GREAT banner ads and custom content. If you are in Anniston or do business in Anniston, this beautiful website is WIDE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. is where the world visits, when they visit Anniston on the Internet! Let your business be found there! GREAT Opportunity! Don't miss it! Contact me TODAY.


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Traditional Website with Forum and Content Management System all in one package!

And many more websites!


Contact your friendly webmaster, Norman Morrison 256-405-9713
in Oxford, Alabama or
Grab the phone or click that mousey! I'm happy to visit with you
in person or by phone. Ask your questions and let's see how I can help you with a nice web page.

Terms: 6 month minimum to start. Pay  semi-annually, annually thereafter. 10% Automatic discount for yearly contract!

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Coupon Special Annual Payment in the amount of $270 for January 2011 ONLY. First 20 new clients. If the button works you are in with a $90 savings!

New customers will want to use this only after the project is contracted. This form is for the convenience of existing and new customers. Simply click the correct button and Paypal will help you with the rest! Thanks, and we know you are going to LOVE your page on! 

What in the heck is Joomla?
Interested in a full website? Conventional, Wordpress, Joomla. Call and we'll be happy help you determine which one is right for you. 1-256-405-9713 in Oxford, Alabama.
GC makes websites that WORK.

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 Norman Morrison
 --Editor, Owner, and OceanView Graphic Designs of Oxford is the BIG DOG of Internet Advertising in Alabama!

256-405-9713 The ONLY locally owned Online Marketing Megasite!
Beat the recession with in Alabama and beyond.
Good FULL advertising for pennies on the dollars others charge.
No matter if your business is small in size, WILL equalize.
Remember, for full websites, we charge half as much and you get twice as much.

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