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For Immediate Release:
James Marion Kidd 1937-2005

     Another TV40 pioneer is gone. Jim Kidd passed away at 2AM Friday morning February the 25th, 2005.
     He is survived by his brother Norman Morrison, and his family, Vicky (Norman's wife), and nephew and niece, Ed and Chrissy Morrison who also both worked for the station in Anniston. On the Saturday before Valentine's day he suffered a massive heart attack followed by a stroke. He was brave and never complained thru his ordeal. He was 68.

     Jim's other family was TV40. He was there for the sign on and began his career as the Film Editor and Studio Cameraman. (There was only the one black and white camera.)     
     Later, he was sent to school to study for his first class broadcast engineering license and returned to join Doc Hudson's stable of engineers. For years he also had his very own live Saturday afternoon "Hunting and Fishing Show" which many people today still remember fondly.
     He worked his way up the organization as the Production Manager, and finally as the Program Director, working for Harry Mabry who, like everyone else, he worshiped.
     First for WHMA, then for WJSU, during the CBS years, Kidd, along with the staff worked hard to raise TV40 up from "podunk" status to become the dominant area TV station, which in no little part gave much heartburn to the Birmingham stations as they saw their ratings drop in the Anniston area.
     After a spate of nerve wracking sell offs and buy outs, from which the station not only survived but thrived (Because of the hard work and sacrifice of staff) , shortly after Mabry was retired, Kidd's title was abolished and he was laid off. This was in the late 80's. It was a hard time for him, because he lived for the station. But, life goes on.
     Kidd's extended family was the TV40 family, always.
     He retired to the simple life of a country gentleman in the little town of DeArmanville near Oxford. It goes without saying that he is missed very much. 


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