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See our Exclusive Special News Photo Collection called The Knockouts of 49!

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The Knockouts
of 49
A 40 page photo album of Anniston High School  junior high kids in 1949. See if you recognize the names! Find this only here on! We're the Internet Voice of Calhoun County Alabama!

     GetCalhoun, your website of Calhoun County, Alabama presents our area in pictures. The collections below were submitted by folks just like you. The only caveat is that the photos must be interesting, tasteful, and taken within the borders of Calhoun County.
     Do you have pictures that you would like to share? We would love to see them on GC. Contact us so that we can get ready to receive them!
Now.... enjoy our collections!


The Marianne Collection
     Marianne is a freelance photographer.  She has been taking pictures of interesting sights in Calhoun County and the surrounding areas for several years. She is a native Alabamian..born in Sylacauga, Alabama and raised in Anniston, Alabama.
    Marianne enjoys her freelance photography work very much.  She takes pictures of most anything that catches her eye. Marianne says that brightening the lives of people has become her goal as a photographer.  It is her sincere hope that you enjoy her photographs.
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See more of Marianne at
Calhoun County Alabama and the Amazing Marianne Slide Show!
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Marianne Slide Show!
The Sally Collection
     Sally is an amateur photographer with a wide range of interests including old stuff, birds, name it. She's a transplant to the area, and as you know, transplants (i.e.: anyone originally from anywhere else)  who have come to settle here make some of our best residents. She writes...
     "I consider this my home, although I am not a native of Alabama, I have lived here for many years.  I love taking pictures of all interesting things and have for many years.  It makes me feel good when someone enjoys looking at my photos."
     We are indeed fortunate to have Sally onboard GetCalhoun!
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See more of Sally at
Calhoun County Alabama and the Amazing Sally slide show!
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Sally Slide Show!
The Christie Collection

Christie says, "I bought a new camera last spring specifically to take pictures of my baby niece and soon-to-be arriving nephew, and discovered another world behind the lens. I am now never found without it. I am an amateur with the camera and these are (for the most part) the pictures I snap on my jaunts around the woodsy area of Calhoun county in which I live. These aren't the best, nor do I think they are the worst...they are just a product of my hobby. I love taking pictures of just about anything. It is funny how you can find the most awesome beauty in the simplest thing whilst looking through a lens. You have to respect deeper meaning in any form, and the camera does this for me."
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Calhoun County Alabama and the Amazing Christie Slide Show!
Click for the amazing Christie Slide Show!
The Sue Collection

Sue says, "Hi my name is Sue and I have lived in the Ohatchee area of Calhoun County for the past 2 and 1/2 years. I am an amateur photographer but the beauty of the area I live in has inspired me to start taking photographs. When I see something so pretty I want everyone else to be able to see it too. I hope they make you smile like they have me.
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