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Pet Costumes, Halloween Candy, and the Responsibility of Parents in History
Halloween Candy Coupons on and Pet Costumes
Norman Morrison


The website which sells Halloween pet costumes made news when it shared the history of Halloween children, parents, and small animals.

Recently, as you know, the HCSARB or Halloween Candy and Small Animal Regulatory Board was established in a 110,000 square foot building on the outskirts of Washington to see to it that Halloween candy collected by children and small animals is shared properly.

This 5000 person bureau is one of the finest in the nation and a government agency to be very proud of. Each Halloween they go to work to protect the Halloween Trick or Treaters of this nation. The rest of the year, they sit around and drink coffee. The circumstances that served to bring this valiant board into existence began long ago.

The history of shared Halloween candy collected by children and small animals is a long and litigious one. Therefore, this article is written to give new awareness to this pressing modern issue.

The story of Halloween candy dissemination begins in ancient Rome, though new facts are being unearthed all of the time that suggests that the phenomenon is much older, perhaps as old mankind.

Early in the reign of the Supreme Emperor of Rome, Nero, only adults went Trick or Treating on Halloween night. Then one brilliant person by the name of Steri Decisis came up with a plan that would set Rome on its collective ear. He dressed up his kid as a slave and their slave as a lion and sent them out that fateful evening.

At the close of the evening, the child and slave returned with their Halloween basket completely filled with delicious Halloween candy. Steri Decisis, being a braggart spread the story far and wide bringing down the wrath of many of the elderly Halloween Trick or Treaters of Rome on him. The case went all the way to Nero who ruled in favor of the adults and confiscated the delicious Halloween candy for his own uses. Steri Decisis, the child, and the slave were fed to real lions.

Much later in history another interesting chapter in Halloween candy and pet costumes brought about the famous Slalom West Virginia Witch Trials.

Charles Munger an early settler of Slalom set forth his child, along with their dog, Old Yowser, to go Trick or Treating on All Hallows Eve. Unfortunately things did not work out precisely as Munger had planned.

Munger's child, Chip Munger, unknown to the father, trained Old Yowser to attack the local witches and by force remove all of their Halloween candy. The child who was dressed as a Fairy Princess and Old Yowser, in his pet costume, dressed as a cat set about their devilish mission and causing a general ruckus among the witches who had Munger the elder thrown into jail the very next morning. Thus began the Slalolm Witch trials as each witch, in turn, sued Munger. So many witches took Munger to court that he was declared a nuisance and tossed into a burning pile of hay.

Montana Halloween Candy and Small Animal Case Goes To Supreme Court

In 1932 in Fropshire, Montana, rancher Ed Smallet, having sent his kid out into the cold Halloween night, on foot, with horse dressed up as a freight wagon, sat by the fire awaiting their return, so the story goes.

After the child, supposedly approximating a ghost, who was adorned only in an old bed sheet with eye holes cut out, returned home from his 50 mile Halloween circuit, Smallet demanded a portion of the Halloween candy, the prized Snickers bar in particular. The child did not want to part with his candy and took his father to court.

Eventually the shocking case went all the way to the Supreme Court of America, being known as Smallet vs Smallet. The Supreme Court Justices, in a 5-4 decision ruled in favor of the father. In the opinion of the victorious justices, Smallet, after all, did provide the child and horse with Halloween costumes, at some cost, and was therefore entitled to a portion of the Halloween Candy. The Snicker's bar, which was impounded as evidence, was split 5 ways by the justices who ruled in the affirmative. Smallet tried to sue the Supreme court but was laughed out of the court building. The child and horse ran away to join the circus.

The history of Halloween candy injustice and victory is has provided us with many examples of what is good to do and what is not good to do on Halloween night in the matter of children and small animals. It is hoped by this author that you take your responsibility more seriously in these vital matters. It is further hoped that you visit the extraordinary pages of, the foremost Halloween Costume and Pet Costume and Halloween Candy provider in the United States of America.

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