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GetCalhoun Goes Visiting...
Never let it be said that just because GetCalhoun is of, about, and for Calhoun Countians, that we're not civil and respectful of our neighbors....
By Norman Morrison                       


Sylacauga As It Used To Was
Once upon a time, about a million years ago in a county far far to the south, there was a model community where everyone worked together and had the best time, serving as a model for the nation.
     Actually, we're talking about our friends in Talladega

County, and the time was 1943 during some of the hottest war time action in the mainland USA.
    For whatever reason, lost to antiquity, the US Office of War Information, Bureau of Motion Pictures, decided that Sylacauga was a model town and inspiration of harmony for the nation.
    I say for "whatever reason" not because Sylacauga wasn't a fine specimen, but because it was in the backwaters, compared to navy yards and aircraft factories.
    The point of the movie is to show how a community should work as hordes of war workers flood the town, and Sylacauga responds by organizing to make everyone feel welcome.
    There is no way I can know how much of the movie is actually Sylacauga. The film makers of the day were somewhat liberal with the bonafide facts. Hopefully you may know someone more familiar with the area who can answer the question. For local history buffs, though, this little piece of history is a real gem and worth looking at. Chances are, someone knows someone who knew someone in the film you are about to see. Wouldn't it be great if we could identify folks still living who were in it?
    I could not resist making this movie available for you after I discovered it. My reasoning is that due to "people creep" wherein our good Calhoun County residents have mixed with the good citizens of Talladega County over the years, then this makes it ok to feature Sylacauga as it used to was in 1943. Besides, it's old, which is good, and what's the harm? This isn't to say that you should follow suit, however. GetCalhoun wants you to send your pictures and articles about Calhoun County only! If you can write or have pictures worth seeing we want you! ________________________________________________

Movie Featurette

When Work Is Done
Sylacauga, Alabama
Circa 1943

Real Player
Running Time: 8:55

Click Here To Play

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     Click the link to watch the streaming video presentation of When Work is Done and see historical Sylacauga as it used to was way back in wartime 1943.

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