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Herb Food Supplements For The Human Body!!
Take charge of your health maintenance! 
Willie Ivey                      

Herb Food Supplements For The Human Body!!

     “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings” (Hippocrates). This statement should guide us in all of our actions, especially where our health is concerned. The realization that Body (Lifestyle), Spirit (Desire), and Mind (Belief) must come together is the first step to better health.
     All individuals should take an active part in the maintenance of their health – and in the treatment of their disorders with the guidance of a health care professional. The more we take it upon ourselves to learn about nutrition, the better prepared we will be to take that active role.
Nature intended to fuel our inner healing force with right natural substances to enable the body to function up to its fullest potential. “Nature’s – resources whole foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, phytochemicals, and other natural bounties – are designed for use in our immune systems” (Phyllis A. Batch, CAN).
     The body is a complex organism that has the ability to heal itself – if only you listen to it and respond with proper nourishment and care. The human body is the greatest machine on earth. Think of your body as being composed of millions of tiny little engines. Some of these engines work in unison; some work independently. All are on call twenty-four hours a day. In order for the engine to work properly, they require specific fuels. The fuel we give our bodies engines come directly from the things we consume. The foods we eat contain nutrients. These nutrients come in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water, amino acids, carbohydrates, and lipids. It is these nutrients that sustain life by providing us with the basic materials our bodies need to carry on their daily functions.
     Individual nutrients differ in form and function, and in the amount needy by the body; however, they are all vital to our health. Research has shown that each part of the body contains high concentrations of certain nutrients. A deficiency of these nutrients will cause the body part to malfunction and eventually break down – and, like dominos, other body parts will follow. To keep this from happening, we need a proper diet and appropriate nutritional supplements for Energy, Eyes, Liver, Colon, Intestinal, Nervous System, Glandular, Pancreas, Adrenals, Digestion, Skeletal System, Respiratory system, Immune System, Natural antibiotics, Circulatory System, Hair, Skin, Nails and even Weight Loss.

Ed Note: Willie Ivey is the owner of Boots - Shoes - Things in Oxford, Alabama. He is also an local independent distributor of Nature's Sunshine products. They are located at 209 Hamric Drive, Suite A, Oxford, Alabama. Down from Oxford high School Football Stadium and Across Hwy 78 from Western Sizzlers. You can also give him a call at 256-835-6645

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