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Common Core and Alabama Education
Is Common Core right for Alabama schools?
By Norman Morrison

On March 13th 2013 chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Alabama Republican Dick Brewbaker of Montgomery, seeing that his bill to remove the Common Core education standards wouldn't be approved pulled it. This means that unless something is done Alabama will join with at least 45 other states to adopt this program and implement it at the start of the next school year.

What is Common Core and why is it important to defeat it?

Common Core (see the website) is an insidious, Orwellian bid to fundamentally transform American education. It began its life in 2009 and grew out of the first stimulus when copious funds became available. Likewise, the inducement for the states was the Race To The Top (RTTT) money that would become available for the states once they glommed onto the thing. Supporters and detractors cross party lines.

Get ready for 1984, Animal Farm, and Atlas Shrugged because it's coming to a school near you. The kids who start school in the Fall of 2013 will be a whole new breed of global Americans by the time they graduate from high school and college a few years from now.

Should you go to your school board, superintendent or teacher to complain, be advised that even if they hate the new curriculum, they are powerless. Chances are they will tell you that it's a done deal, but don't you believe it. The stopping of it resides at the state house, and the only way to get them off their padded chairs is to complain, and do it mightily.

It is a fact that steering the youth of the nation is nothing new. At the turn of the last century until fairly recently schools were used to ready little citizens to take their places behind the machines of the industrial revolution. However, by comparison those efforts were cave man primitive compared to the scientific methodology that will be used to train up the new young for the modern computer machines. Unfortunately while the Common Core program guarantees working fodder for Microsoft and Google, at the same time it's dumbing down the kids so that they are subservient to the new world order of government.

Yes, it sounds like a tin foil hat conspiracy. Thoroughly bizarre. Only madmen could devise a teaching structure like Common Core. Unfortunately, the mad men are in charge of the curriculum, aided and abetted by the state and federal legislatures and what would have been screaming fantasy only a few years ago is now fact. Why, it's gubment certified! 

You probably remember having to read Animal Farm in school if you are a certain age. The reason? It was placed on the reading list during the cold war era as a warning to wise up the kids to what would happen when socialists take over. Common Core kids won't have the opportunity to be made to read Animal Farm. Reason? Because that would be wising them up to the inherent dangers of the Common Core program. It would be telling and that is not permitted.

According to the website,, the program was developed  by a DC-based nonprofit called Achieve, Inc. with support from two trade associations, namely National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), neither of which had a mandate from the national or state governments. In short, it's purely a case of progressives vs. conservatives and the progressives won. The program seems to be more about money and power than what's best for the kids. As has been oft been stated, "He who controls education eventually controls the nation."

The core issue for consideration is what's best for the kids. It has been the long held position of conservatives that the school curriculum works best when it is set closest to home. Ergo, by your local school board and PTA. Second best is when it's done at the state level. Always unacceptable is when it's done at the national level. One size fits all. With Common Core this is precisely what will happen at the start of the 2013-2016 school year in Alabama.

Opponents say that Common Core is fundamentally flawed. It has a criminally crummy curriculum for a start that will guarantee the dumbing down of the nation's children. However, this is just the beginning.

While Common Core got its start in 2009 most folks were totally blindsided and are only now at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute becoming aware of it thanks principally to Glenn Beck who points to the work of an early decrier, Michelle Malkin. See the Beck video and see her work on this issue. Do your own homework and research. Simply Google terms like "common core," or "common core alabama education," to find reams of documentation both pro and con.

So you might be thinking that if you don't like the Common Core curriculum in the public schools, then you can opt to send the kids to an expensive local private school or even home school. Right? Wrong.

Cleverly, the cornerstone of the whole rotten Common Core model is the college entrance exams. They will also fall under Common Core. Thus, whether your like it or not if your goal is to see your kid prepared for college, then they MUST be schooled the Common Core way. It's going to be on the test! There is simply no getting around it unless the many states agree to forgo the RTTT money and go their own education way.

In summation Common Core allows progressive egghead liberals to fetch around in your child's mind in ways that will astound you once you learn the full implications for today and tomorrow. It is beyond the scope of this humble article to lay it all out for you. Do your own research. While this is probably news to you as it was to me, others have been working against Common Core for years. See former Alabama Educator Sharon Sewell's website. Go back to school by studying diligently this topic. Do yourselves, your children, and their children a favor by making your stand today.

Common Core is like a train in the distance. Not so impressive now. However, of a sudden it looms large and is upon you before you can get off the tracks. Unless you move NOW to stop Common Core you will but dimly recognize the United States Version 2.0 when the class of 2024 takes to the virtual stage to graduate. 

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