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Calhoun County Alabama Storm Roundup for 2013
Storm diary for 2013 for Calhoun and surrounding counties.
By Norman Morrison

It has been the long held position of that most  towns in Calhoun County Alabama are woefully unprepared for severe weather, particularly in the matter of tornadoes.

It is a fact that just most often just being a foot below the ground will save your life when even the most destructive weather event occurs in your vicinity.

Unfortunately most of us don't have basements or storm shelters in our homes. The answer, which is painfully obvious after the Tuscaloosa/Ohatchee, etc. tornado is that our cities should make some effort to put shelters into place so that you at least have the option of whether or not to take advantage of it.

It is worth repeating. When a tornado comes knocking the only safe place is underground. When it is an F4 or F5 tornado, the only survivable place is...underground.

Politics being what they are, it will unfortunately take a Tuscaloosa-like weather event here locally to get some shelter space built. It does not and should not have to be that way.

With a will to do it, at the very least the best tornado survivable structures in the area could be identified and arrangements made for the public. And even if it takes donations to get the ball rolling, shelters could be built over time without raising taxes to do it.

Human nature being what it is, tornado shelters aren't very high on the to-do list of anyone that hasn't been in one. Then it becomes pretty darn important.

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March 18, 2013

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