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 Feature Story
Oxford Alabama Centennial Celebration...
Armchair Historian, Terry McFall strikes again! He produces a truly historic photo taken during the Oxford Centennial Celebration festivities!
By Norman Morrison                       


Oxford Alabama Centennial Celebration!      Once upon a time Oxford Alabama had a CentennialNorman Morrison Sr. and Jr. circa 1958, about the time of the Oxford Centennial Celebration. Celebration which is to say that Oxford was 100 years old at the time. The theme was pioneer days and all the guys, anyway, grew beards. I don't know what the women did...Maybe they cooked corn pone every day. See, that's the mystery of the whole thing. I was a really young fellow at the time, So I don't know any details.
     That is a picture of me on the right with my dad. I wasn't able to grow a beard at the time, but if you look closely, you'll see an effluvious growth of face fuzz on my father. I think he was very happy to get rid of it after the Centennial was over, but being a patriot, he did his part.

     Super contributor, and armchair historian Terry McFall delivered a stunning photo to the compound the other day. It's a significant photo of the festivities going on at the time. By the way, the memory I do have of it is that everyone in Oxford took it fairly seriously and had all the fun.
     To further demonstrate my utter lack of information, not only do I not know where the photo was taken, or who most of the folks in the photo are...I don't even know the exact date. I'm guessing from my size in the picture above...maybe 1958.

     Since the celebration was not a secret, and actually a very popular thing, and since folks are still around who do remember it quite well, I'm going to be in hopes that some of them will find their way here and write to with the details. Who, what, when, where, and do you recognize any of the folks in Terry's photo? Write to GC here with your recollections....

     Here is what we know so far... On the far left, the little fellow on the end who is smiling is none other than Terry McFall. His mom allowed that he sang, though he doesn't remember it...probably a church song like "How Great Thou Art." Americans could still do that in public in those days.
     On the far right, the last fellow is Julius McFall, and the person, third from that end in the bonnet is actually Terry's dad, JC McFall, wearing his great granny's dress and a bonnet. They were singing Blue Grass music, which, oddly enough, at the time was less widely known and appreciated than it is now. It would have been seen as "sho nuff countryfried."  Rage on chilluns!

     The marvelous thing about this historical photo peeky poo window into the past is that at the time, everything was contemporary and real modern. At the time of this writing we're talking 40 years ago...Practically the stone age. Marshall Dillion and Wyatt Earp. History is FUN!


Above, the photo!

Below, enlarged sections... Do you know these folks and interesting fun facts about the event?

So, who are all these folks? Do you know? We do know that the smiling little fellow looking to his left is young Terry McFall.



Left, in the stylish bonnet, JC McFall. Middle, we don't know. And right,
Julius McFall. The music was definitely Bluegrass!

The neat thing about Armchair Historians is that anyone can become one by submitting interesting historical stuff from Calhoun and surrounding counties to


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