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You never know what will turn up  in the attic. reminisces about a staple of Calhoun County, Alabama life in the 70's... The Huntin' N Fishing Show. You have to be of a certain age to remember and savor those bygone days... Why not check your attic and tell our readers about something you know from the past? 
By Norman Morrison                       


             In Color
     To know the story of the Huntin' N Fishin' Show is to also know part of the early history of TV in Calhoun County, Alabama.
     WHMA-TV came to town in 1969. It was originally owned by The Anniston Star, hence the HMA in the call letters. (Named for Harry M. Ayers of Anniston Star fame.) It began as a combo NBC/CBS affiliate and filled local time with ancient cowboy movies with the likes of Singing Sandy, and afternoons with Cousin Cliff and the Three Stooges. It also featured local shows...
     Jim Kidd, born in Anniston, but late of west Texas, came back home to serve as the film editor. His passion was fishing, and soon, he sold the station on a new idea, The Huntin' N Fishin' Show. Anyone of an age here remembers the show.
     Modern times being what they are, it is hard to remember when there weren't such shows, but it is a fact that the Huntin' N Fishin' Show was a pioneer of its day.
     It never had much of a budget, and it was long on talk, and short
on video, but it never failed to be entertaining, and the Saturdays filled with big budget action fishing and hunting shows were in the future.
     Airing late on Saturday afternoons, it began in the mind of Kidd who enlisted the always entertaining and imminently professional Travis Nance as his co-host. Later, Nance was replaced with the show sponsor Jerre Peak who worked for and later owned Anniston Sporting Goods. Anniston Sporting Goods is another example of a simpler time when sporting goods places were few and far between. Anyone who fished or hunted did business there sooner or later.
     In those days, what video there was, was not video at all. It was film. All moving images were shot on 16mm film which was processed in house on a spectacularly complicated machine. Otherwise, stills were done with the 35mm camera. It wasn't until later that one of the first ever 2" tape machines, a veritable monster, was hauled up to the 3rd floor of the Radio Building on 14th and Noble Street. Even so, the Huntin' N Fishing Show was always done live.
     No video survives, but there are a few slides and they are presented below....just a sample of the days that were for area outdoor sports enthusiasts. Everything you see was seen on air. Also, there is a sample show format and a question and answer sheet.
     The Huntin' N Fishin' Show entertained and educated us at the very dawn of the televised hunting and fishing era leading the way to our modern bass boats and fancy hunting gadgets.     








Picture Comments:

1. Show Open
2. Show Open
3. Travis Nance
4. The old Anniston Sporting Goods Store.
5. Kidd, John Murrell on dock and unidentified man.
6. Jim Kidd
7. Kidd and unidentified man.
8. Jerre Peak with Tom Mann.

Ed Note: The great Alabama fishing pioneer and entrepreneur, Tom Mann, of Jellyworm renown  was a frequent guest and supporter.

Ed Note 2: About the fish. In those days many folks actually ate what they caught.



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The picture above is a "rundown" for the hosts and director for the 9/6/1971 show. My suspicion regarding the entry, "Cry a Lot" is that they were short of material. Or it could be they were sad for the eels. Probably not, though... The picture to the right is the question and answers for that segment of the show.

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