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Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday

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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
When the Batman Meets A Batman in Batman Turkey

Persuasive Essay Topics on Batman Halloween Costumes
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: When the Batman Meets A Batman in Batman Turkey

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. What you thought you knew about Batman is eclipsed by this new and explosive essay information.

When the Batman Meets A Batman in Batman Turkey Will It Be White Or Dark Meat?

I was blessed to grow up during the second golden age of comics, and I made the most of it. I read and collected every comic book of any value that there was including a few Batman comics. My comic book period lasted from 1967 to 1969, the glory days of the second round of serious comic books.

I was more of a Marvel comic fan, which included epic works of fiction like Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and the like.

DC comic books, at the time, were written down to kids, whereas Marvel Comics were written up to kids in a saucy sort of way with Stan Lee at the helm. You got the idea that Lee liked his work, while at DC, it was just work. It was much later that DC caught the wave and started producing more serious work.

The genesis of Batman is well known amongst the population of comic book fans. Born of rich parents who were killed when he was but a babe, Batman, along with Robin, decided to fight for Gotham and be mean to all the bad guys who just wanted to do bad things.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that this history of the Bat might be as false as false teeth!

In secret Wiki leaked documents, recently released, it has been divulged that Batman is not a Batman, but actually a city in Southeastern Turkey! It even has a river running through it called the Batman river.

Bruce Wayne, mild mannered rich guy, may actually be the king of Batman, which from 4000 BC until 1957 was called Iluh until Wayne possibly bought the place and named it after himself.

One might wonder why Wayne would do such a thing? Was it because the place has a lot of bats flying around? Was it a philanthropic gesture? All of this might be possible, but in fact, oil was discovered there in the 1940's. Lots of oil. Of course, the area also has lots of caves, which bats are known to prefer over places without so many caves.

Batman Turkey was a rustic little village of not more than 3000 Bat people until oil was located there. Bat folks were a happy, if uneducated lot, sitting around playing with rocks and not reproducing much. It wasn't until 1979 that they had their first high school graduating class.

When Batman first came to the tiny village, local artisans were squeezing out about 40 barrels of oil per year, but lately production has been expanded to over 7000 barrels a day.

We have always known that Batman was rich, when he wasn't fighting crime, but the source of his wealth has never been adequately explained until now in this very article.

From the paltry 3000 inhabitants of the area when Wayne took over, through hard work and the lack of contraceptives, the population has grown to an astounding 300,000 people, all who are employed in one capacity or the other producing oil for the Wayne enterprises. The family unit (or bat unit) is typically five children per family, with 50% of the population being married.

Since producing oil does not require so much mind as muscle, the education statistics are similar to that of the inner city inhabitants of Gotham. 15% of males and 43% of females are considered to be so illiterate that they can't understand the writing in the Batman comics. However, since comics are more about pictures, the populace does not go on the warpath.

In 2007 Batman University was founded and churns out inkers by the gross along with, illustrators, and writers for the popular Batman series of comics and books.

Football is the top sport and Batman University is the area champion for 1982 and 1986, the best sports years it ever had.

Nearby towns include Joker, Catwoman, Ra's al Ghul, Riddler, and Twoface. Each town has their own great football teams and the championship goes back and forth each season.

The current King of Batman is Bruce Wayne and the deputy mayor is Robin. Actually, Batman has always been the mayor of Batman. The post of deputy mayor didn't come until later.

Several years ago Batman decided to expand its earning base when it built a 1:1 replica model of Gotham so that Batman movies could be shot there at a fantastic reduced savings over shooting them in the real city of Gotham located in Hollywood, California.


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. The mysteries of Batman can further be exposed by visiting Batman Halloween Costumes.

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