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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
San Francisco Demands MORE Oil Rigs. Proud Of Local Oil Discoveries

Persuasive Essay Topics on San Francisco LOVES Big and Little Oil!
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: San Francisco Demands MORE Oil Rigs. Proud Of Local Oil Discoveries

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. Strangest of all, find a great news report from the oil drilling capital of the west, San Francisco.

The World of the Now

In modern times, you'll not be surprised to learn that beautiful San Francisco is against just about everything that everyone else is for. Leading the way in the art of saying nyet, very little that is worthwhile gets by the oppressed peoples of this fine western village. All is nyet, and especially oil. Even when a little teensy little oil well might save the city from the certainty of going broke and having to toss everyone out on their ear, they say nyet. Nyet to big oil or little oil....but once upon a time, it was not this way...

The World of the Then

Historical material from the San Francisco Call which went poopers in 1913. Rewritten, keeping the essential essence. April 11, 1901 Staff Writer

Company Is Being Formed to Sink the Well There

Meeting of Producers for Discussion of Matters Important to Industry Will Be Held at Palace.

A company is about to be incorporated for the purpose of determining whether there is oil to be struck by drilling on the peninsula near San Francisco. The conditions attending the enterprise are of general interest, and prominence is accordingly given to the facts. In 1891-92 the San Francisco Land and Improvement Company drilled a well 1817 feet deep at Baden.

During the panic season of 1893 all work was suspended, and since that time no further effort has been made to do anything with the hole. F. C. McPherson, who drilled for the company, has reported to Mr. Martin, the manager of the Land and Improvement Company, that at various depths oily strata were pierced and that he wished to continue to drill deeper, but the directors of the company did not consent. Mr. Martin said yesterday that he expects to form a company to determine a very interesting question. The capital stock will be only $25,000.

There will be no promoter's stock and no salaried officials. He hopes to get business men to take part in the experiment, and says that only enough snares will be sold to insure a thorough test of the well. "I recognize the fact," said Mr. Martin, "that the enterprise is a gamble, pure and simple, but the possibilities are so great and the matter is of so much moment to San Francisco, that I expect no trouble in finding enterprising citizens enough who will risk their money in a venture of this kind. As soon as we incorporate we will push the work as fast as possible."

Oil Men Gather at Palace.

The oil men of the Kern River and McKittrick districts will meet in the marble room of the Palace Hotel in this city tomorrow evening to discuss the situation in its various aspects. The companies that have been invited to send representatives to the conference will probably all respond because of the importance of the matters that may come up for consideration. Henry Ach has conferred with representatives of several companies since he sent out invitations to the meeting. The general sentiment is in favor of united action among the large oil producers of the districts mentioned.

The excitement over possible oil discoveries, according to the San Bernardino Times-Index, is on the increase in the desert. This paper says: At Barstow and Daggett beds are not to be had at any price so great is the demand for them, and a livery stable man is a person to be approached with bowed head. Daggett is the latest place to catch the infection and already the clumps of bunchgrass are outnumbered by location stakes. At Kramer, where the oil was first struck, workmen are rushing to get a regular oil rig for the purpose of sinking a deep well. It is impossible to correctly estimate the claims already staked out as all have not been recorded, but the area is large and still increasing. At Victor also there are hundreds of locations, and while there are no wells down yet some will be begun very soon. Altogether the desert is the liveliest place in Southern California.

Another journal says that surveyors are busy at all points on the desert between Kramer, Daggett and Calico, on a tract many miles wide, laying out claims for parties in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and other towns in Southern California. Thousands of acres have also been located on the Yuma desert, and in the region about Walters, Salton and Indio. Parties are sinking a well about eighteen miles south of Walters.

The Folsom Telegraph says that there is a rumor that the old Swain ranch and other property in the Carson Creek district has been bonded by parties who think there is oil in that district.

Number of Wells in California.

The Los Angeles Herald has been counting up oil wells in California and figures out that there is only 21 per cent less
wells under the drill in this state than in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana combined. The Herald says;
The Oil City Derrick's monthly oil report shows for March 742 completed wells, of which 180 were dry, having a production of 10,343 barrels daily, in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana fields.

Work under way March 31 was: Rigs, 509; wells drilling, 883; total, 1392. It is a notable fact that the Herald's report of same date showed new production in California of 3124 barrels, or nearly a third that of the four States covered by the Derrick's report. This is the productive capacity of ninety-four completed wells, of which eighteen were dry.

Work in progress in California was shown by the Herald to be: Rigs, 235; wells drilling:, 698; total, 933. This shows that of wells drilling March 31 there were in California 79 per cent as many as in the combined fields cf Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.

The prolific sands of several California fields have also kept the average production of new wells very much higher than that of Eastern fields. In the latter there were 562 productive wells brought in in March, of an average production of 18.5 barrels a day, while in California there were seventy-six new wells, of an average production of 41 barrels a day.


Here at Persuasive Essay Topics of of Today and Yesterday we're cautiously pleased to bring you the great news about marvels of oil exploration in that hot and manly western town known as San Francisco.

Of interest, note that the Palace Hotel mentioned above is still thriving in the Gay by the Bay. It is proud of its history and remains a popular spot for men to gather and say really bad things about big and little oil. Little did the owners, waiters, and waterbugs of 1901, which is when our tale takes place, have a clue that the hotel would come down around their ears in the great earthquake of 1906. But, SF, being what it is, the hotel was rebuilt, as it shall be again when the next resurfacement takes place, even, if it must be built on futuristic flotation devices, most probably plastic, derived from oil.

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. Their latest works include a poignant website about the massively popular direct vent gas fireplace. It's a tear jerker and should not be missed! This is on the heels of their world famous and award winning Dog Flea Allergy page!

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