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Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday

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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
Southern California Loves OIL Better than OJ

Persuasive Essay Topics on Californians love big oil better than Arnold!
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: Southern California Loves OIL Better than OJ

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. You'll find a passel of oil greedy Southern Californians ready to do just about anything for more oil rigs. Barrel price reaches one dollar a barrel!


The World of the Now

My how times change. Take the world famous oil fields of Carpinteria... From the website sometime in 2009, we find this excerpt: Many in our little community of Carpinteria are now outraged that Venoco is attempting to bypass the City and all remaining public environmental review of their application to the City of Carpinteria for a permit to construct a 175 foot high drilling rig on its current onshore site not far from the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve and the Viola Playing Fields. This oil and gas development project could have serious and signficant environmental impacts upon the Bluffs as well as, of course, upon the greater Carpinteria community.

In February, 2009, Venoco tried to put a Venoco Oil Drilling Initiative on the ballot to bypass any further public concerns about their project. However, the City Attorney for Carpinteria has challenged the legality of this initiative, a challenge that we support, as does our legal team at the Environmental Defense Center. The challenge is set to come before Judge Anderle on April 7, 2009 at 9:30 AM.

Once upon a time the Carpinteria oil fields were looked on in a different way. Well, that and the other oil rigs in California as well. Did you know that the "amount <of money> received from oil in Southern California is greater than that received from the entire citrus crop? Or used to be... before California went green and broke.

The World of the Then

Historical material from the Los Angeles Herald, a newspaper doomed to extinction in 1911. The material below rewritten, keeping the essential essence. August 13, 1907.

Area Covers Nearly 5000 Acres Drilling of Wells Is in Progress. Asphaltum Beds Found

It is not generally known that the amount received from oil in Southern California is greater than that received from the entire citrus crop. In January of the present year oil was selling at 50 cents a barrel, while the price at the wells today is $1 a barrel, with every prospect of a slight advance. This increase is a normal and permanent one and is based solely on the law of supply and demand. Large quantities of oil have been and are still being shipped to Japan and other eastern countries, and this in part accounts for the advance in price.

Every available oil rig in the state is working and the oil well supply companies will not promise delivery of stuff under sixty days. All the oil producing companies are operating to the full extent of the means at their command and are putting as many rigs to work as the supply people can furnish. The fields in operation are Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Colinga, Olinda, Whittier, Santa Paula, Bardsdale, Piru and Newhall, and new companies are starting business right along and new fields are being developed.

New Company Organized
Among the companies that have recently been organized for the purpose of producing oil is the San Miguelito Ranch Oil company, whose property is located in the southwestern part of Ventura county, a county that still holds its own as the greatest oil producing section in the country. The San Miguelito ranch, sometimes called the Taylor ranch, covers an area of 4795.94 acres, surrounded by property that has yielded tremendous quantities of oil during the past few years. The drilling of wells has already been started and experts estimate that each well drilled to a depth of 1800 feet on the San Miguelito ranch should easily produce 6000 barrels of oil a month. These experts examined the property sometime ago and were unanimous in the opinion that It was the most valuable section of oil land In the entire county.

It is on the same anticlinal and in a direct line with some of the greatest strikes and developed properties which
are now yielding excellent returns. For instance, the famous. Carpinteria oil fields are only a little removed from the San Miguelito ranch, and its same strata has been traced right through the latter.

Shipping to the Orient
In view of the shortage of oil at the present time and the ever increasing demand for the product, it is gratifying to know of the probability of another another strike being made. All signs indicate that there will be a large flow of high gravity oil, every gallon of which will be easily marketed.

The demand for oil by the orient is getting greater and greater all the time, and the Japanese government is equipping its warships with oil burning engines. They are said to be accumulating tremendous stocks, and every additional producing well will be a welcome and extremely profitable thing for the people of California.

The San Miguelito Ranch Oil company has the advantage that comes from its property being located at tidewater, thus permitting a gravity flow of the oil in pipe lines to the wharf. The expenditure for cartage and pipe lines will therefore be reduced to a minimum, an advantage which few other companies enjoy.

Asphaltum and Gas
Asphaltum beds on this same property will also serve as another source of large revenue. Immediate steps will be taken to develop these deposits, as there is always a ready and active demand for asphaltum. Gas is the third valuable product which can be secured in large quantities from this virgin section of land. In fact, gas will be one of the company's strong assets. There are numerous blowout on the property; it is claimed the largest in the state is on this section. The simplest tests, it is reported, prove that gas is there is unlimited quantities, ready to be tanked and
piped for commercial use.

Here at Persuasive Essay Topics of of Today and Yesterday we're deliriously excited to bring you the world news from conservative California, the western oil capital of the nation, and a state not afraid to take what is rightfully hers from the underlying strata of the very earth itself, never wasting one moment on the impact to the polar bears.

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. Their latest works include a poignant website about the travails and antics of the Stock Market. It's a tear jerker and should not be missed! This is on the heels of their world famous and award winning Dog Flea website!

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