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Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday

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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
Crazy Oil Man Inhabits Defunct Oil Rig. Gets Rich Prospecting For Pearls.

Persuasive Essay Topics on crazy oil men make the best pearl divers!
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: Crazy Oil Man Inhabits Defunct Oil Rig. Gets Rich Prospecting For Pearls.

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. Three articles 1905, 1906, and 1910 form a little tribology of interesting oil news from the days before the internet, and the days when people actually wanted oil rigs in their back yards.

The World of the Now

Three articles 1905, 1906, and 1910 form a little trilogy of interesting oil news from the days before the internet, and the days when people actually wanted oil rigs in their back yards. Today, you'll be hard pressed to find Camp City, New Mexico, and though you still might find a hermit or two, it's unlikely they'll be hiding in plain sight in Illinois.  The river mentioned looks like not much more than the overflow from the lovely Mississinewa Lake impoundment, and pearls are what the Japanese make these days. As for our last offering, oil oozing from the top of a certain casing in the news lately causes a different type of furore than that suffered by the good folks of old Alamogordo town. Some of those folks to this day drag out their old mineral rights deeds in hopes of making good money on old oil.

The World of the Then

Historical material from the much remembered but very dead newspapers cited below. Rewritten, keeping the essential essence. All three articles by Staff Writers.

Info from the Palestine Daily Herald January 31, 1906.
Palestine Citizens Organize to Try Again to Develop the Local Oil Field

About thirty citizens of Palestine have organized the Anderson County Oil and Mineral Company and have
taken out a charter with a capital stock of $5000. The purpose of the company is to develop the oil and mineral fields of Anderson county.

Mr. J W Ozment, one of the chief promoters of the company returned home last night from Houston where he closed a deal for an oil rig and as soon as the machinery arrives tho company will begin operations.

The scene of operation will be in the old field formerly tried by Davey and Company some two or three years ago
The new company means business and if there is any oil in that territory they propose to develop the fact with
out delay.

Info from the Washington Times August 27, 1905
Aged Man Found Living as Her Hermit Near Marion Exhibits Fine Collection

MARION Ind. Aug 26. An aged man giving his name as John Swanson has been found living as a hermit in an
abandoned oil rig in a woods near the river bank bank about three miles northwest of Marion.

The man refused to say where he came from but said domestic trouble had caused him to seek a life of seclusion. He said he had been living in the oil derrick for about a year and had succedeed in evading everyone until the oil operators chanced to call at an unguarded moment. He said he had never built a fire at night for fear of attracting attention.

He is engaged in pearl hunting along the river and exhibited a large collection of much value. He said he had
been sending them to a New York dealer and had a shipment ready to forward. Members of his family he said were
searching for him but he did not desire that they find him.

Info from the Los Angeles Herald May 1, 1910 (The date difference has to do with the news was still being delivered by the Pony Express to and from the outlying areas.

ALAMAGORDO, N. M , April 30

Oil oozing over the top of a casing from a 1800-foot well at Camp City, ten miles south of Alamogordo, on the E. P. & S. W., set the whole country wild with excitement. From the way claims are being filed, the whole country south of El Paso promises to be blanketed with claims in a short time.

News of the discovery of the oil spread so fast that the valley is full of prospectors, pouring in afoot, on horse back, in wagons, buggies and automobiles and on trains from every direction.

The northbound Golden State limited from El Paso bore several passengers for the new field, and this fast train
stopped tor the first time in history at Camp City to let off passengers. Camp City promises to become a second
Beaumont, with Alamogordo and El Paso alike profiting, if the oil only proves to be even half that is expected of it. The indications are that it is going to be more and that the oil is plentiful, but nobody can yet say. It is a mere guess until the well can be opened.

The oil was found in a 300-foot well that was being put down for artesian water: there was no dream of oil, and
the discovery of oil has acted like an electric spark upon the people—they are scrambling: to file upon the surrounding land and were up all night staking out claims. Five thousand acres have already been filed upon.


Here at Persuasive Essay Topics of of Today and Yesterday we're keenly pleased to bring you the great news about wonderful oil messes from beyond the grave. All of the players in these oil blasted and sweet crude infested tales have all gone underground now. If you need more information, you'll need to pack a pick and shovel!

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. Their latest works include a poignant website about the massively popular direct vent gas fireplace. It's a tear jerker and should not be missed! This is on the heels of their world famous and award winning Stock Market page!

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