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Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday

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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
The Aeroplane Is To Die For

Persuasive Essay Topics on the grim business of flying aeroplanes.
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: The Aeroplane Is To Die For

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. Once upon a time, it was fashionable to commend and congratulate the honored enemy war dead as it was to honor the perished peregrine falcons of the home team. It was the age of the chivalry of the mighty pen.


The World of the Now

It is hard to get a sense of what would be the outcome in the decidedly lunatic leftist fringe liberal news media, were an air war to break out. Would they cheer our side or their side? It is quite honestly, a toss up. My betting money would be that they would kiss the enemy and cuss the friend.

Regardless, it's all bets off, because there aren't any decent air wars left in the world. The air is still one place where America clings to superiority. Well, that and under the water. Oh, and on top of the water.... and of course in nuclear and conventional warfare too. But our tale is about the air, not the oceany  wet stuff, or the grubbly ground stuff.

Historical material from the historical pages of the Leavenworth Echo. Rewritten, leaving the essence of the article April 14, 1916 Staff Writer


Many a Sensation Is Produced When Bird Men Meet In Air—Participant Could Give Story With Imperishable Vividness—Often Near Death.

London.—Europe's war has produced conditions that make aeroplaning the grimmest adventure known to man. War to man's oldest game. Aviation is his latest. Each day Intrepid airmen, under twenty-five years of age for the most part, like hawks make course above roof, tent, rampart and battlefield to thrust suddenly below premeditated thunderbolts of death.

They fight duels in the air with other indomitable young men in enemy aeroplanes. When something goes wrong a mile or more above earth on a mild June evening in time of peace a queer sensation is produced. The percussive crack heard by thousands of air men above the European battle lines these days and nights in all kinds of weather produces a sensation much more queer.

A lieutenant just out of his teens, a wing broken, clinging to his duty, his ears deafened, little knowing whether it is the whistling storm he hears or the whir of shot —thousands of such men can testify that an experience of the sort is a thing of imperishable vividness.

Cowdin and Thaw, among numerous Americans who have joined the fighting air men, can tell many such tales. Boelke, Immelmann, Guynemer, Bone, among the newcomers, and Vedrines, Beaumont and Garros, to mention a few of the veterans, are making ineffaceable records. These men use the aeroplane, or avion, as they call It, not merely as a scouting vehicle, but as a deadly instrument of offense.

Lieutenant Boelke of the German army recently brought down his thirteenth machine over the Forges forest lieutenant Baron yon Aithaus brought down his fourth aeroplane over enemy lines west of Lyons. The element of sport enters even into aeroplane warfare. After all, thinks the aviator, the shame is not so much in being caught as being caught by a mere amateur with a paltry record of two or three captures to his name.

Lieutenant Immelmann recently bagged his tenth enemy aeroplane. The gallantry and bravery of Lieutenant Warenford Illustrates the spirit of these European aviators. Single handed he attacked a Zeppelin and destroyed it. A few days later, accompanied by the American writer Needham, he made a pleasure trip, and both men were killed in landing.

On Intimate terms with death were those fifty air men who fought the greatest aerial battle of the war recently when the allied aeroplanes raided Mulhausen. Five German aeroplanes and three French fell, the occupants of all being killed.

On the outbreak of the war Adolphe Pegood, the famous French aviator who gained renown in 1913 when he originated the feat of flying upside down in an aeroplane and looping the loop joined the French squadron and was often mentioned for valor. He startled the American people when he came to this country and did the loop the loop. His daring feats will go down in aeronautic history.

Here at Persuasive Essay Topics of of Today and Yesterday we're undoubtedly pleased to bring you the great news about the wonders of flying. Folks from 1910 have mostly gone underground, but once they were flying high and rocketing around at tens of miles per hour. Actually, walking wasn't crowded, and only the most foolhardy would even think of lifting off the ground in one of those goofy looking flying machines. My how times change! To fly in those days was to know the Face Of God...personally, and in short order. Yet, the boys went up, and came down with regularity. They called it gallantry and bravery. It was all fun and games until it was no longer fun and games...

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. Their latest works include a poignant website about the common Dog Flea. It's a tear jerker and should not be missed! This is on the heels of their world famous and award winning Stock Trades News website.

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