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Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday

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A Persuasive Essay Topics Feature Story
The Aeroplane Will NEVER Replace The Auto Mobile

Persuasive Essay Topics on the modern Aeroplane industry in Houston!
By Norman Morrison


Persuasive Essay Topics of Today and Yesterday: The Aeroplane Will NEVER Replace The Auto Mobile

Top Topics of Today and Yesterday is living proof that there really is nothing new under the sun. Come along as we peek in on the past and see what aeroplane predictions they got right, and what they got wrong in chic 1910.


The World of the Now

This is an especially scrumptious tale, as it is a collection of opinions (much like the famous Shopping Mall interview) of today from the man on the street about the future of those silly aeroplanes. Today, of course, we all take aeroplanes for granted, though their popularity has fallen dramatically since the hover conversion came along a few years ago. These days, the only automobile enthusiasts left are on their own about taking care of the crumbling, weed strewn road system, which is used only for sport rides of a mile or so on Sundays to show the kids how it used to be before everyone got wings on their cars and propellers where the radiators used to go. Now everyone flies off to work and is happy all the time.


The World of the Then

Historical material from the Salt Lake Herald Republican, which is a massively defunct newspaper. The article, rewritten, leaving the essence, was dated February 6, 1910. Staff Writer.



The development and the idea of the present day aeroplane owes much to the manufacture of the automobile When
the automobile was first introduced in to the country according to the local auto men the question of "what is next" came into the minds of the more progressive men of the country with the resulting models of aeroplanes The
construction of the flying machine it is claimed would have been impossible if it were not for the invention of the type of engine now being used in all of the autos throughout the country.

It was the automobile that brought about the best development of the light and compact gas engine said one of the dealers and "without this development aeroplanes would have been impossible. Before the advent of the automobile the gas engine was of the most cumbersome type but now all this is changed. Many of them now are beautiful in their delicacy and with the strides that are being made in aeroplaneing it is safe to say that the end is nowhere in sight.

"It is a fact that when aviators begin to plan for the building of their cars that they came to the automobile men of this country and of France and there received most of their information in regard to the making of engines by which to propel their machines. It is also a fact that most of engines now being used in the flying machines are being made by the manufacturers of automobiles."

Aeroplanes will never replace the automobile as in years gone by the bicycle replaced the horse and in turn the automobile replaced the bicycle according to the dealers. People will never be educated into the use of the air machines and will never overcome the fear common to flights in the air.

Auto Will Stand Alone

"The automobile will stand alone as the favorite means for travel," said S. D. Reid sales manager of the Studebaker Bros Co... "and the aeroplane will never replace the auto as the auto auto replaced the horse and bicycle.

People will never overcome the fear of the air nor will travel via the aeroplane ever be made practical. The elements control the flights of the air machines too much. An automobile can be taken out in any season and just as good time can be made during either warm or cold weather The auto is hear to stay and represents the highest development possible for practical means of pleasure traveling.

"The aeroplane owes its existence to the manufacture of the automobile. In the aeroplane the engine used is practically the same as that used in the automobile. In fact most of the engines now being used in the aeroplane are made by manufacturers of automobile gas engines."

Carl Horst who has recently secured the agency for the Santos Dumont aeroplane despite the fact that he is to sell the airships in Salt Lake still believes that the automobile will never be replaced by the later type.

"The plane is practically one of the by-products of the automobile, ' he said," If it were not for the gas engine first used in the manufacture of automobiles the making of the aeroplane would have been impossible. The demand for a horseless carriage clamored for by the public some years ago resulted directly In the invention and ultimate manufacture of the present day gas engine."

"The airship I believe will always remain more of an experiment and the people will buy machines for that reason
more than any other. For travel and pleasure riding the automobile is at present and will remain the king of all other methods. The aeroplane will remain a side issue to the automobile."


Here at Top Topics of of Today and Yesterday we're mostly pleased to bring you the great news about the wonders of flying. Folks from 1910 have mostly gone underground, but once they were flying high and rocketing around at tens of miles per hour. Actually, walking wasn't crowded, and only the most foolhardy would even think of lifting off the ground in one of those goofy looking flying machines. My how times change! It's extremely interesting to see what the opinionaters of 1910 got wrong...and what they got right. It's amazing how close they came to the truth, only to veer off the road into the weeds. Still, it gives us a guide for what's to come, by contrasting our own opinions with how dead on and badly off they were then. So you think you know what's coming? Really?


Top Topics of Today and Yesterday is written by the dynamic team of Norm and Vicky Morrison, miners of great stories from the past for the world of tomorrow. Their latest works include a poignant website about the top travel site of all time, Free Travel Brochures.  It's a tear jerker and should not be missed! This is on the heels of their world famous and award winning Stock Trading Tips page!

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