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Former Anniston AL City Councilman John Spain Files Claim Against City

Anniston Alabama  -  An article by Anniston Star writer Laura Camper filed May 9 reports that former Anniston councilman John Spain has filed a claim against the City of Anniston AL in the amount of $870,000.

A copy of the claim was not made public.

Councilman Spain said bye bye to his Anniston City Council seat in December. This after Spain had a fight with the mayor in September during a council meeting (out in the hall) which netted him a much publicized charge of assault.

Later in November Spain was charged with violating the Council Manager Act. Then a bit later in the month the Anniston Fraternal Order of Police handed Spain a lawsuit (along with Anniston Councilman Ben Little) where the allege harassment and more.

In December, says the article, Spain resigned from the city council as part of an agreement whereby the lawsuits were dismissed.

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Former councilman files $870000 complaint against Anniston - Anniston Star

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Calhoun County Serves Up Gambling... The Betting Is That It Won't Last

Calhoun County AL - According to an article in the Anniston Star by writer Patrick McCreless the bright blinking lights of computerized gambling shine once again, this time near the Silver Lakes Golf Course in Calhoun County

The owner of the establishment is none other than National Promotions out of Birmingham AL. Opening this past Tuesday, customers were already poking at the computer screens hoping for the big one.

Says Jack Draper, an attorney representing the company, the machines are hooked up to that let's folks bid and win gift cards and items. WinAndBid calls itself, "The Most Addictive Auctions On The Internet!" Anyone can access it from their home computer. Therefore the question to be asked is why don't the consumers stashed in front of the screens at our newest Sweepstakes place just stay home and play? Perhaps they don't have a computer?

The difference this time and the last bids by similar ventures to gain a toehold in town is that these machines offer patrons the opportunity to join an "auction" which is different from playing poker, etc.

Reports writer McCreless, Draper stipulates that this is just another sweepstakes like you'd get by popping the top on a cola bottle to win a prize.

But, unfortunately, Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh has a difference of opinion. To him, it's just another form of casting lots, and that's against the law.

Earlier in the year the same company had plans to open the old Food Outlet near Walmart for the same purposes, but ran into a brick wall when Oxford Mayor Leon Smith and Oxford police chief Bill Partridge also had a difference of opinion.

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Sweepstakes machines in operating former bingo hall - Anniston Star

Alabama Residents Glad To Get Third World Services

Alabama -From an article found on - You have heard of Alabama residents venturing to all points of the globe to render assistance to poor folks in need. Now the U.S. military travels to Alabama to do the same for poor folks in this small town 25 miles southwest of the Alabama State Capitol.

The Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Navy Reserve combined forces to set up shop Wednesday to pull teeth and give medical checkups, all for free. Well, not free to everyone, but free to the area residents who stopped by for service.

Says Fox, this is the third year of what they call the Pentagon's Innovative Readiness Training program which renders these services in the south.

This region of Alabama is called the "Black Belt," so named for the rich dark sandy soil. It's the poorest part of the state, but mirrors the situation going on all over the state in this man made recession that we endure. Unfortunately, even in good times, which this is not, the folks helped by this program are used to deprivation. It's a different world, their part of the state, as compared to the more populated regions. They truly do live in the "country."

Said one, "Medicaid has been cut off for a lot of us."

With long drives for even for a cold coke, health gets shoved to the back of the list. Country folks have long had to make do with slim resources. 85% of the area residents are black, and many don't work, and there's not a lot of jobs to be had in good times.

The small town saw 55 medical personnel with a support crew of 250 roll into town, including tooth pullers, eye doctors, and nutritionists, no doubt urging folks to eat better.

It's a grand thing getting a few minutes of health care for the poor folks down there. Now what about the rest of us?

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Military stop brings health care to rural Alabama - Fox News