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E-Verify Presents Another Headache To Area Business

Jacksonville Alabama  -  An article by Paige Rentz with the Anniston Star sheds light on the impact of the E-Verify program in Alabama. It was instituted by the Alabama legislature (Beason-Hammon Act) to hold back the competition for jobs by illegals.

In short the law says that any company with more than one employee shall not knowingly hire someone from elsewhere lest they have the right to work in the U.S., ergo, illegal aliens.

One way the state can check for compliance is when a local business wants to do any sort of state business, they must show proof that they are within the law.

Even better, folks who want to service local businesses must ALSO show that they are in compliance. Everybody must show proof.

A complication is that if a city has a friend in a vendor of some sort, and the vendor isn't in compliance, or doesn't want to take the time for paperwork to prove it, the city can wind up going elsewhere, spending more money.

The need to comply covers everything from cars to toilet paper.

Whereas Alabama business understands the need to get right with the state, many out of state vendors aren't so ready to show their papers.

One Jacksonville official reports that while the state mandates E-Verify, they are short on instructions of how to go about it. Imagine that!

Add to the confusion that the State of Alabama will be taken to court over the whole thing, so this year's law may not be next year's law.

City officials like those in Jacksonville Alabama muddle through the best they can.

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Local institutions face challenges of E-Verify mandate - Anniston Star

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Calhoun County Auto News Makes the Big Time In Chicago

Calhoun County AL - An article by Patrick McCreless  of the Anniston Star via the Chicago Tribune was recently read by residents of the Windy City.

The article showcases Atlantic Tool and Die in nearby Lincoln, AL, the point being that the auto boom there also serves Calhoun County AL well indeed.

The article introduces the concept of local supply chains. That is, the Honda plant is well served by local business making parts for their cars. It's much cheaper for them to get parts locally, rather than having to depend on a far off location.

What this means for Calhoun County, Alabama, Anniston, Oxford, Jacksonville, etc. is that while Lincoln AL has Honda, other nearby towns and counties participate in supplying Honda with the glut of materials it needs to run.

According to figures found by the author from the Alabama Department of Commerce, the Honda plant has 131 auto suppliers. Of those, 37 are located in Calhoun and its neighboring counties of Etowah, Talladega and St. Clair and account for up to 3,450 jobs. That is nearly as many jobs as the Honda plant itself provides.

Interestingly, Honda has done pretty well, considering the rotten economy. The speculation is that folks, holding onto their vehicles longer than usual finally made their trade earlier this year just about the time the tax refunds were coming back.

Whether the trend will hold is anyone's guess, but it is undeniable that the auto industry in our area has helped tremendously.

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Auto suppliers a hidden pillar of Calhoun County economy - Chicago Tribune


Alabama Pension Reform Gets A Little More Realistic

Alabama -From an article on by  Kevin Olsen we learn that the Alabama State Legislature passed a bill which make some changes for Alabama employees.

For instance:

  • Alabama workers hired after Jan 2013 will contribute a whopping 6% to their retirement.
  • Retirement age has been raised to 62 for all except law enforcement, firefighters and corrections employees. They get to split at 56
  • While the minimum retirement age will become 62 except as mentioned, this can be accomplished after only 10 years of service.
  • However...anyone in the system can retire after 25 years. Thus if you got a job fresh out of high school in 1970 you have been living the good life since 1995. Whoopee!

Governor Bentley intends to sign the bill, which is said to be a good thing.

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Alabama pension reform: Higher retirement age, lower employee contribution - Pensions & Investments