From Norm

Hey. You want to make some EASY money?

You do?

I'll do a trade with you. I need clients. You need money.

You send a person to me who takes and pays for a year of advertising, as in I make them a fantastic GC mini-site here on, and I'll pay you a $50 finder's fee.

You get money. I get client. Just make sure they tell me that you sent them. Couldn't be easier!

It's good business! And there's even more in it for you if you send someone to me who wants a full website.

Everybody knows somebody. It's easy money. Just do someone a favor and send them to me.

Want to know more about GC? Check out my advertising page. All you ever need to know to go forth, and make easy money.

We're easy to find. Contact about advertising or call and leave a voicemail at 1-256-405-9713. Thanks!!

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