Hurricane Katrina Coverage in Calhoun County, Alabama! in Calhoun County Alabama!           Calhoun County, Alabama     Sept 16, 2005     Continuing Katrina Coverage is the internet voice of Calhoun County, Alabama. It is the website the world sees when it looks for news from our region on the internet. This section of is devoted to local news about Katrina relief. If you have news, pictures, or announcements regarding Katrina and Calhoun County we urge you to email us. Please advise your friends, colleagues, and local officials that is available as we  continue to dig out from the worst catastrophe in living memory. Help GC to help with news from the home front.

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Visit our Katrina News Page which details what happened here locally when Katrina blew through. Plus a chart with info about the other hurricanes to visit Calhoun County, AL! is home owned and operated. GC
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Today's Calhoun County AL Katrina News
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From Press Reports:  
     Calhoun County located in northeast Alabama is a key resource center for Katrina evacuees. Like the rest of the country, it's trying to find its way...
     It's expected that 1000 or more evacuees will eventually take up residence in our area. Local officials, never schooled in massive relief aid grind against the machinations of the Federal Government, similarly challenged with a situation they thought they were prepared for, but weren't. The good news is that everyone will do better next time. The bad news is that in the very very short run, (Measured in days or weeks) things remain a bit chaotic.
     We just learned that a group tour of evacuees was conducted yesterday of the barracks facilities at Fort McClellan...with mixed results. Even with improvements, they are, after all, barracks. The facility is said to be ready today for folks to move in.
     Area churches are really firing up to help too. An unnamed set of churches just formed a task force with the plan to help with communications between the evacuees and the myriad of government and charitable organizations that are straining to be of assistance. The problem, at the start, is communication. This is to be expected, but will be worked out over time, and not much time at that. 

Like to learn more about Ft.McClellan? We found this nifty site...
Coming to Ft. McClellan? Have friends staying there? Click this link to learn more about it. 






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