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Today's Calhoun County AL Katrina News
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From Press Reports:  
     More details were released today about Calhoun County Alabama's role in disaster relief for the 1000 or more expected evacuees.
     Though common sense predicted it, the far... revealed by FEMA, must have been a welcome relief for area officials who evidently were largely proceeding very much on faith.
     As it stands now, FEMA will turn over the day to day operation of the Fort McClellan barracks, (which is in dire need of a name change from barracks) to contractors who will manage all the support functions. The JPA (Joint Powers Authority) who controls the property will assume the role of landlord only...though in bits and pieces, this is subject to change, as time and necessity reveals itself.
     When the refurbishment is finished, which is being conducted by a large company out of Baton Rouge, LA, called "The Shaw Group," folks will begin to be moved in. Just who gets in and how hasn't been spelled out.
     Many potential residents are in area hotels now and the calendar is pushing the project because of the upcoming Talladega race at the end of the month. People from all over the nation and world have had dibs on the rooms practically from the last race, and the evacuees will have to evacuate yet once again during race week.
     Work is evidently progressing smoothly, and area residents and companies involved have been and continue to pour their hearts into the effort.
     Long term, the "barracks" are seen as temporary housing only, and outside of the necessities of a roof and food, the evacuees are expected to look for jobs and assimilate themselves into society and move on.
     It's clear that at this point, there are as many questions as answers....however, the atmosphere seems to be that all things will take care of themselves in time and Calhoun County will do right and good for the folks from down south. Folks here really want to make it work.

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