In's most ambitious historical presentation to date, we make available for the first time, a 1949 Noble Street School (Located in Calhoun County, AL)  project booklet by then student, Jim Kidd. We know very little about how this booklet came to be. Mr. Kidd passed away early in 2005 and this booklet was found among his possessions. If you are interested in old pictures, or peeking into local history, this booklet contains a treasure trove. Chances are that you may be related to or know about one or more of the kids presented in the booklet. The Knockouts of 49 booklet was scanned page for page and the individuals on the pages were rescanned and enlarged. References to the pages and people are located on the sidebar of every page.
     Naturally, if you have information that you would like to share about someone you may know in these pages we would like to hear from you. We'll be happy to add your comments to the page by way of a whatever happened to kind of bio. GetCalhoun is interested in all Calhoun County Alabama history. If you have some, do share it with us.
     We hope you enjoy the Knockouts of 49, presented in its entirety by your friends at
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Introduction Front Cover
Page 1  Anniston High
Page 2  Opening Page
Page 3  Bryant/Sims
Page 4  Opening Page
Page 5  Grover
Page 6   Dean
Page 7   Dear
Page 8   Davidson
Page 9   Dothard
Page 10 Garrett
Page 11 Ginn
Page 12 Goddard
Page 13 Gregg
Page 14 Green
Page 15 Hackett
Page 16 Hanvy
Page 17 Harmon
Page 18 Harris
Page 19 Hobbs *More Info!*
Page 20 Howe
Page 21 Howell
Page 22 Johnson
Page 23 Kerr
Page 24 Kidd
Page 25 Kilgore
Page 26 Moncrief 
Page 27 McClellan
Page 28 McCrelles 
Page 29 Phillips
Page 30 Taylor *More Info!*
Page 31 Rudd 
Page 32 Inside Intro Page 
Page 33 Phillips, Harmon 
Page 34 McCrelles, Hackett 
Page 35 Dear, Hanvy 
Page 36 Harris, Dean 
Page 37 Huffaker, Howe 
Page 38 Johnson, Taylor
Page 39 Back Page 
Page 40 Back Page 

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Saving Photo History


Knockouts of 49 Page 29


Frances Phillips

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