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Angie's List is where you'll find thousands of unbiased reports and reviews about service companies in your area. Our members share their experiences with each other so that you can choose the service company that's right for your job the first time around.  Your town in Texas is on Angies List. Find the best and most affordable handyman, plumber, name it...tons of categories, that you can trust.

More than 1,000,000 consumers use Angie's List
to find high quality service companies and health care professionals in
over 400 categories. From plumbers and painters to dentists and
dermatologists, reviews come directly from homeowners in our area.
 Find reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List

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Angies List Texas is just the thing the doctor, contractor, home builder, and tooth puller ordered!

Angies List Texas is all about ROI.

ROI, you ask? I may have run across that somewhere or the other, but I can't quite recollect...

ROI is a fancy acronymn which means "Return On Investment." An example would be that you buy a bushel of taters for $5, and after everything is figured in like taxes, transportation costs, city license, health department review, inflation, recession, debt crisis, etc., you manage to sell it for $26, making a hefty $1 profit. That's ROI.

Figuring taters is easy, but what about intangible ROI? That's where you hire a repair service for $1 when you could have spent $.50, thus retaining fifty cents of that hard earned tater money. It's what the gubment calls baseline budgeting. If you budget for a buck, but wind up spending only half that money, you have, in effect, earned yourself a nifty fifty. Go out on the town. Buy the kid a new bicycle.

However, there is more to a good repair job in your town in Texas than getting a cheaper rate. Angie comes in handy not only to make sure you pay less, but get a good job in the process. Really, how good of a home repair job are you likely to get for fifty cents these days? I can guarantee that Angies List will help to winnow out the $.50 guys right out of the box.

In your Texas city there are the good repair men, doctors, health care providers, and companies. And then there are the stinkers.

Working with a bushel of taters is one thing, but how about something like a home addition, deck job, roof job, kitchen fix, bathroom refurbishment, or maybe a root canal job? Now you're talking lots and lots of taters.

How it works with Angie's List Texas is that you sign up using my 25% off coupon for a month, year, whatever, and use the reviews to help guide your choices. The whole point of Angies List is...Why re-invent the wheel?

Now, if you are lazy, recession proofed, or have more money than you can spend, or impetuous, Angies List won't do you much good. But it is highly unlikely that you fall into one of these categories, or else you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't even send your highly paid footman or butler here. You would just grab the first thing to come along.

Most of us have to watch our pennies. When a new home improvement project, or an unexpected (or expected) auto repair comes to visit, we have to make the most of what funds we have.

So, if it's time to spend, say, $5000 on a new tater picker when you become a member of Angies List, you get advice on the best (and maybe cheapest) tater picker company. $500 dollars saved is $500 earned, (allowing for state and local taxes, etc.)

When it's time for the BIG DEAL, as in a home builder, or if you are scoping out a housing development, as in home builders, what is a piddly little membership fee with Angie's List when you put it up against making a bad investment with your chosen company(s)?

In other words, the more you are going to spend for a service, job, health project, car project, home project, or anything else Angie's covers, the more you NEED Angies List.

Of course, the flip side is that you spend a dollar for those taters and only later do you find out that every one of them have little tater bugs and you have zip to show for your homespun investment. Angies List could have prevented this, assuming there were tater reviews on there.

Honestly though, are we talking French fries or major money projects? For much better ROI on your next big bucks project, get the peace of mind and research that Angies List gives. Remember, you can buy them for a song, but the companies they review can't buy them for a million bucks. That's the Angies List Texas difference!

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Angies List is in YOUR Texas Home Town!

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Angie's List Texas
More than 1,000,000 consumers use Angie's List
to find high quality service companies and health care professionals in
over 400 categories. From plumbers and painters to dentists and
dermatologists reviews come directly from homeowners in our area.
 Find reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List

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