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Web Design Alabama presents "Why You Should Let ME Develop Your Alabama Website And Save A Ton Of Money."

Web Design alabamaIn an Internet world with about 5 million choices for websites, why would you choose Norm with OceanView Graphics and Design and GetCalhoun.com in Oxford, Alabama, a small town in the Northeast of the state?

The SHORT answer is that webmaster Norm, owner of OceanView Graphics and Design WROTE the BOOK on web advertising for Alabama. Pick up the phone and call now... 256-405-9713. If you need more convincing, read on....but you really could save a peck of time by simply calling. Call me.

Observe the two web design videos that I have developed for you.

The second of the two is 11.5 minutes and goes into detail about why you should want to use my web services. 

The first is very short and offers a savings coupon. You'll want to watch it very carefully.

Lastly, you'll find the text of the videos at the bottom of the page.

You can read along, if you wish and see how well I did. The voice you will hear is Norm, the owner...not a highly paid audio personality, as you might suspect.

Please keep in mind that while the videos are targeted specifically to Alabama, my services work equally as well in any part of the English speaking world and beyond. I even have a large site in Brazilian Portuguese, and have done SEO optimization for a website constructed in whatever language they speak in the United Arab Emirates....but that is another story.

The main thing is that I LIKE to make websites. Even better, I know my job well. I also like to have fun doing it and I have a sense of humor.

The days of just making Alabama websites is pretty much done with. Some page makers realize that you also have to know things like Facebook, and making cell phone friendly pages. Fewer still have my length and breadth of experience with the big Internet Marketing picture.

Do yourself a favor and consider using my web development services.

You'll never know what you missed if you don't at least give me the opportunity to make my case. Call me today at 256-405-9713 and let's make some web magic together.

Let's get the video show started! If you find the first video interesting, be sure to watch the second for a ton of great information!

Website Design Alabama


web site design alabama




Alabama Website Design Video Shooting Script For Video One

Hello. This is Norm with GetCalhoun.com and OceanView Graphics and Design here in Oxford Alabama.

Yesterday I had just finished putting together the eleven and a half minute video presentation that you'll find below with a ton of great information when it occurred to me that I had done everything on there except to tell you WHY you should have a website, and especially one crafted by yours truly.

Here's the reason you want a good website working for you in an Alabama fishing scenario nutshell... These days everything is about net. Net profit, net loss, the Internet, and netting customers.

When it comes to the Internet I'm the guy who helps you net the big one.

I accomplish this by good netmanship as in building a topflight Internet website. But it doesn't stop there.

Another net, much overlooked and underused is the cell phone net. Your site will be cell phone friendly and tempting to your customers on the move.

And your site will be integrated with the Facebook net. You're heading up the wrong slew if you overlook this highly profitable netting location. Whatever the depth of your customer, your hook will be in front of them 24/7 365.

And if your business has walk in traffic, I can show you one of the biggest netting strategies of all that I can nearly guarantee that your competition has blissfully ignored.

Friend, you may be working a piece of the Internet lake already, but I can help you to own the lake.

With creativity, the right gear, and a winning spirit, you'll win the business tournament of life, netting new customers, peace of mind, and great satisfaction.

That's what I can do for you. What you can do for me is to pick up the phone and call me, so that we can get to work.

Call me at 256-405-9713. Say Norm, I'm ready to go trolling for customers and I'll give you $100 off on a full website. That way we both come up winners right out of the dock. Let's get netting!


Alabama Website Design Video Shooting Script For Video Two

Hello. This is Norm with GetCalhoun.com, the website of Calhoun County Alabama including Anniston, Oxford, Jacksonville and the surrounding area (the state of Alabama, and the world!)

You are looking to have a web presence in the Anniston Alabama market area, else you wouldn't be here. Let me help you. This presentation runs about ten minutes (Actually more like 11.5 minutes. Woof!) and it's good stuff.

I'd like to make the case for you, why you should make use of my Internet advertising services.

A little about my business. It's called OceanView Graphics and Design. I have been making commercial websites since 1998, and using computers since 1985, which was actually before dinosaurs walked the creek bottoms here. I make web magic daily, and even teach others how to do it as well with my Internet Marketing Training course.

I want to discuss three unique opportunities that I have for you.

1. Your own professional website.

2. An advertising mini-website on GetCalhoun.com.

3. A display page on AnnistonAlabama.net.

The first thing to realize about the Internet and your business is that except in rare cases you have little to NO competition. Contrast that with traditional media like the yellow pages, newspapers, and so forth.

Practically, what this means for you is that you have every chance to get page one advertising at relatively low cost. The same goal would cost you far far more with traditional advertising.

It goes without saying that Internet advertising has come of age and that traditional media advertising is slowly fading. Therefore, do you want to hitch you business wagon to a rising star, or a fading one?

If you have the money, naturally, you would want a mix of ads, but regardless, you're backing up if you're not on the Internet in a powerful way.

A word about my competition. In town, there are a couple of advertising agencies. They know what they are doing, and I respect their work highly. They are also highly paid.

And there is also a mix of what I consider upper tier and lower tier web developers. The lower tier, or hobby page makers you can safely ignore. The elite page makers are fair to very good. They seem to have developed a cookie cutter style that allows them to make sites fairly quickly. The sites they make look good, and work to some extent.

The challenge that I see for you, as a potential client of theirs, is that they have also developed a charging method that makes them a lot of money per project, and never ending monthly charges.

And... I have some Internet experience and skills that they don't...

Now to my OceanView Graphics model. You and I don't know each other. This is easily taken care of with a phone call. You can reach me day or night at 256-405-9713. If you get voice mail, just leave a message. I'm quick to call back.

Call me with your questions and we'll be on the same page inside five minutes. Guaranteed. I'm an easy guy to deal with.

Briefly, let me describe my Internet services...

As for Internet pages, I offer three ways to send your business to the top...

The first is with your own stand alone website, built on your choice of platforms.

A platform, in this case, is the software that I use to design your pages. Each of the three platforms I favor have pros and cons.

For a static site, I have used a program called FrontPage for years. GetCalhoun.com is made using FrontPage.

Also, for a static web page design I use a program called XSitePro. A good example would be my HalloweenHome.net website.

For a more dynamic website, I use Wordpress. An example would be my WorkAtHomeGC.com website. Don't hesitate to pause the video if you want to go look at the sites. Just be sure to open a fresh page so you can come back!

What is a static website, you ask? Well, a static site is one in which a copy of the site resides on the webmaster's computer and another on the Internet server. Changes are made by the webmaster to his copy, and the changes are uploaded to the remote Internet server, then it's live on the Internet. In this way, only the webmaster has the ability to edit the site.

When you, as a client, want changes made, you let me know, and I make them. Simple as that.

A Wordpress site, is a bit different. Wordpress is the world's number one blogging software. However, the way I use it makes it look much more like a static site. In techno geek, this is called a CMS site, or Content Management System for short. Everything resides on the remote hosting server.

What this means on your end is that once the site is built by me for you, then YOU can go in yourself and make changes, if you wish.

Practically speaking, if you are going to have a lot of content to add over time, you can save a ton of money doing it yourself, and me showing you how to do it is part of the package. And of course, I'll always be around for any major redesign work.

Now, giving you your very own stand alone website is one thing I can do for you. But that's just the beginning. There are two more ways I can help get you online, and in a very good place as well. This is what most definitely sets me apart from the rest.

One easy way that you can achieve Internet success is by advertising on GetCalhoun.com with a mini-website. You can see a great many examples on my Anniston Business Directory pages. If you visit Google and search for the Anniston Business Directory, you'll find it near the top of page one. Or just visit GetCalhoun.com. The link is on the first page.

GetCalhoun.com is what is known as an authority site. The Anniston Business Directory pages are a part of the site.

There is a lot of science behind the design of my Anniston Business Directory pages, but I can boil it down for you.

On any website, the index or home page is most often the top page on the search engines. However, in the eyes of the search engines, each individual page is its own little tiny site. Thus, if constructed properly, each page in a website has an opportunity to rank well in search engines.

A GetCalhoun.com mini website consists of your main page plus several sub pages which reinforce your main page in the eyes of the search engines.

The design theory behind your mini site can be shown thusly.... Suppose your business is called Maggies House of Flowers. If a potential customer is looking for flowers in the traditional media, then good luck! If they are looking in the yellow pages, they are looking under F for flowers....not M for Maggie. If you have the biggest ad in the yellow pages, then you're in pretty good shape. Naturally, your bank account will be a shambles, however, after you pay for the ad.

Your mini site will be built around the phrase flowers, and because it is targeted locally, anyone typing in flowers Anniston, as they normally would will find your Internet listing high on page one of Google. It will be there because of my unique web design methods and the power of GetCalhoun.com. Click click, and the phone rings. Is this Maggie? I need some flowers!

This generally works for all the surrounding towns as well... Oxford, Jacksonville, Talladega, Heflin, etc. Your mini site is built with your service area in mind.

There is simply nothing like GetCalhoun.com and my mini website mode in the area, and very little like it in the nation. It's unique and it works.

Finally, for display pages, there is another astounding opportunity.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful website I have ever designed is AnnistonAlabama.net. It literally screams ANNISTON. If your business is located in Anniston, or perhaps in Oxford or Jacksonville, you should consider letting me place a display page on AnnistonAlabama.net for you.

If you go to Google and type in Anniston Alabama, you'll see the listing on the center of the page ABOVE the Chamber of Commerce. It's a powerful website.

Two things about AnnistonAlabama.net. First, there is the opportunity to have your business found by someone searching for what you do. But secondly, whenever anyone in the whole world is researching Anniston, your page WILL be found by them on AnnistonAlabama.net.

Particularly, if you feel that your business would make a positive impression on a business from elsewhere thinking about relocating to Anniston, you NEED to be represented on the website of Anniston, and that is my AnnistonAlabama.net website. Now, that's something to be proud of.

The newspapers reach out to the surrounding counties. Same for the radio stations. Television covers the bulk of the northern portion of the state.

Your web advertising designed by me is targeted to the exact audience you want to reach locally, and is available to the world. Who are you going to spend your advertising dollar with?

Finally, there is one other aspect of using my services that the competition can't match, and that's SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your advertising pages found on the search engines.

There are two varieties of SEO. The first is on page SEO. You get plenty of this with each page I build for you. The second is off page SEO.

If you like, you have the opportunity of adding a SEO package along with your advertising purchase. When you do, I will conduct an off page advertising campaign for you using the same formula and tools that I use to make my personal pages so popular on the Internet. It's a way of super charging your pages to be even MORE scrumptious to search engines. I'll be happy to explain this in as much depth as you can stand once we meet.

What it boils down to is that even if you own a million dollar website, it doesn't do you one little bit of good if no one can find it on the search engines. My SEO, both on page and off page, ensures that your pages WILL be found.

I encourage you to consider doing business with me so that I can help you with some real web magic. Even if you have done business on the web before and wound up disappointed, you owe it to your future success to speak to the man who can help you do it right. You owe it to yourself to trounce your competition in the search engines, because they'll surely do it for you. Be the winner and contact me NOW.

This is Norm with GetCalhoun.com, making web magic daily. Let me make some for you. Let's get to work! Call me!

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