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Web Design Alabama Contact. That's the point of this mini website.

Web Design AlabamaContacting Norm with OceanView Graphics and Design in Oxford Alabama is about the simplest and best thing in the whole wide Internet world! Just pick up the phone and dial in 256-405-9713.

Alternately, you could write to me at my flagship site, GetCalhoun.com, at me at me... GetCalhoun.com@GetCalhoun.com. Then I'll contact YOU!

You see, web design in our modern times is more than just producing a nifty website. There are so many web solutions on the net these days that you could quickly produce a junky little site for yourself, but you would gain little. The reason is that because of the search engine competition, your nifty new site might never be seen. A million dollar website profits you nothing if it can't be found. These are excellent words to remember.

But more than that, a Web Design Alabama Service MUST be more than just churning out a website. In a way, making a website these days is sort of like fixing a flat tire. You could do it yourself, but you would probably prefer someone else to get messy. Even more, why go to all that fuss if in a week, your tire goes flat once again because instead of paying a few bucks for a professional, your home patch job just won't hold air?

These days, a complete website must take into consideration things like Facebook, Google, and being built in a way that easily accommodates smart phones. More and more folks are surfing for sites on their phones, you know. Your typical site is NOT built for cell phones. Mine can be. As a matter of fact my sites not only look good on the home screen, but on cell phones as well. You actually get TWO sites for the price of one. One of home use and one for the cell phone users. My competition may not be able to offer you these services.

Then there is the whole web advertising strategy. A modern professional web design person MUST understand what it actually means to make a working web design. Often, a good page builder isn't a competent advertising specialist. You get both all rolled into one with me here at OceanView Graphics and Design in Oxford Alabama.

My Web Design Alabama company has been YEARS in the making. I have been making GREAT pages since 1998...actually, since 1996, not counting my professional sites. Before that I worked in the production side of television for 14 years. I UNDERSTAND advertising, but more specifically, Internet marketing! My sites will be built for your exact situation, whether it is local, regional, national, or global. I have many examples of each of these.

Before you sign a contract, you need to contact us, or me, as it were. I'm the man who will take care of your project from start to finish and beyond. Your fully customized website will be a WORKING website...not just a quick finish design made for selling only to you. It will be something for you to be proud of, and something you'll enjoy showing to your family and friends.

Therefore, please contact me and let's make some real web magic! Thank you very much for doing you homework in reading this. I'll be looking forward to your call here at the company for Web Design Alabama!


Web Design Alabama

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