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web design alabamaSince you are reading this page, I would expect that you are seriously interested in talking with me about my web design services. The thing to do is to call me at 256-405-9713 and ask your questions directly.

In the meantime, a little more about my company, OceanView Graphics and Design...

By temperament, I, your potential webmaster, am a writer. However, by training, I have done many things, including warehousing (which is a nice term meaning I have stacked a lot of boxes) selling insurance, being a telephone operator, selling travel, a 9 year career of appliance repair, and a 14 year career in the production end of television.

I have been computing since 1985, which in geological terms would place me squarely in the path of a rampaging T-Rex. My first website was accomplished in 1996, and my first commercial website design was in 1998, and is still around to this day.

After my Brazil travel biz fell apart, I hit on the idea of GetCalhoun.com, which was something I had been thinking about anyway. GetCalhoun.com or GC for short is to this day a unique web marketing concept, designed to allow even the smallest business firms a chance to get quality Internet exposure. Over the years GetCalhoun.com has become VERY powerful in the eyes of the ever increasingly hostile search engines.

Several years ago I set about to take up the extremely intense college level study of high level affiliate marketing, which is a way of saying that I started marketing things other than local business. In the course of my studies, I learned things about Internet marketing that the common website plugger design firms simply can't know.

For you, this means that my online marketing expertise in all things Internet will translate into a far better site than you could produce for yourself, and in most cases hire produced by the expensive big town firms.

If money has any meaning to you, then why would you spend it with larger companies with larger fees for less effect than you could get with yours truly, working for Alabama prices? In the end, your customer does not care if you site was produced by web design firms with Tiffany addresses and prices as well.

Good website development these days includes rolling in Facebook and cell phone friendly pages. This is something you will get when you do business with Norm with OceanView Graphics and Design of Oxford, Alabama.

BTW, you might ask why I chose that name...OceanView... Well, actually, it was the name of my Brazil travel company, and I liked it so much that when I left that global world to work locally I just kept it even though, to get a real ocean view, I'd have to travel 300 miles south. What's in a name anyway? What matters is the owner of the name. I know Internet marketing like you know the finer points of your business, and I have not only kept my nose to the books to stay on top of current web design theory, but I have also pioneered web marketing strategies with my pioneering GetCalhoun.com website.

At the end of this "about" OceanView Graphics and Designs article, you need to come away with this. You have landed on a GREAT opportunity to OWN your 40 acres of the Internet. I can't make you contact me. That's something you need to come to on your own. But I'll say this. If you need web design services, you will be cheating yourself if you don't pick up the phone and contact me. When you do business with me, you don't get just a website....but the whole Internet marketing strategy you need to tromp on your competition. And it doesn't cost a penny extra. You see, I actually CARE about my customers. Thanks and call. 256-405-9713.

web design alabama

Web Design Alabama

Web Design Alabama OceanView Graphics and Design

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