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Roofing Anniston is the premier Anniston Roofing Specialists covering Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Jacksonville AL, Heflin AL, Piedmont AL, Talladega AL, and Sylacauga AL.  When it rains, Roofing Anniston shines.

Roofing Anniston has been taking care of Calhoun County AL, and surrounding counties roofing needs for a great many years. You can't go far without seeing our great work.

Roofing AnnistonThe fact is that a roof is about the last thing most folks think about until they start to leak. At that point, the house roof becomes the most important item for the day. You are looking to find a roofer right away. That's when you call Roofing Anniston, your roofing contractors of choice. Some homeowners even call before the leak settles in because they know it's coming.

Roofing is not a particularly difficult activity in theory, but can be a nightmare in practice, if you don't know what you are doing. The challenge to an amateur roofer, that a professional roofer does not face, is that he can be in trouble from the outset, when the error doesn't begin to surface until the job is well underway. Then, the only course of action is to tear down and start again. This is all avoidable when you hire a competent roofing company.

What sets Roofing Anniston apart from the other local roofers is that Roofing Anniston sets the standard for roofing in our area. Always have. We're the company that the others try to be as good as. Our reputation proceeds us.

Even so, when you employ Roofing Anniston, you are assured of the best pricing. Also the best and fastest service as well. We're licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We also delight in providing testimonials from past clients, if you ask.

No Roofing Project Too Large or Small!Regardless of the size of your roof repair job, we will happily provide you with excellent customer service. We offer the highest quality roof repair and maintenance services possible.

We specialize in all types of roof repair, roof maintenance, and roofing work needed. The roof is the most important structural part of your home or office, and we take the roofing contractor business seriously. We know that a damaged or poorly installed roof can cause excessive damage to your home or office, make your living conditions unsafe, and ultimately cost you thousands in roof repair fees.

If you need roof repair services or an excellent roofing contractor, contact Roofing Anniston now! Don’t hesitate . . .we guarantee you will be satisfied with our roof repair services and that we are the finest and fairest roofing contractor in the area. As roofing companies go, you will find none better!

Should you be in the market for a new roof? Tips on diagnosing common roof problems:

Roof leaks: That's a great way to confirm a problem. That's a good sign that and older roof needs replacing. How about storm damage. It seems like every year at least part of our area undergoes seasonal damage from hail and high winds. Assuming the damage isn't obvious, as in puddles on the living room floor, first, inspect your roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars. For your own safety, leave climbing onto your roof to a professional. Here's what to look for...

Curled Up Shingles: This can allow rain to get in, and the shingles are easily damaged by wind.

Worn-off Granules: Granules protect the shingle from sunlight and water. If they're worn off, the shingle will deteriorate. Look for granules in your gutters and by your downspouts. You may see dark spots on the
shingles where granules are missing.

Loose Or Missing Shingles: This can cause leakage.

Cracked Shingles: A common cause of a roof leak. (Nail pops, which are small holes where nails have popped through the shingle, can cause leakage.)

Spots On Your Interior Ceiling: May indicate that the roof is leaking and in need of roof repair.

Black Or Green Streaks: Algae can discolor your roof and make it look ugly. You may not need to replace your roof, but you should remove those stains with proper roof

Age Of Roof: Depending on the quality, most shingles last 10-25 years. If your home is the same age as others in the neighborhood that are getting new roof replacement work, it
may be time to replace yours too.

After your walkabout, and damage is discovered, we know for a fact that you'll be there thinking, "Should I just go ahead and call Roofing Anniston?" The answer should be YES. Call us. We're happy to come out for a professional diagnosis.

A word of roofing warning...

Whether you use Roofing Anniston or some other company, be advised that even with the best prices possible, a new roof will be relatively costly. A roof is a ten to twenty year investment. To prevent peril and everlasting regret, you must choose a professional licensed, bonded, and insured roofer of good reputation. When it comes to your roof, it is the worst time possible to be frugal and cut corners with a johnny-come-lately. The smart course of action is to hire the best and most professional roofing company in Anniston to start with, and that is, of course, Roofing Anniston. In the long run, when you do so, you'll never have a moment's second guess or sadness. It may sound corny, but it's true.

Roofing Anniston FAQ

Roofing Considerations

A new roof is a major investment for homeowners, and choosing an experienced contractor to install it is the best way to protect your assets.

Replacement or re-roofing is usually required on shingles that are over 20 years old simply because of the age of the roofing materials. Consideration should be given to the underlayment, ventilation and insulation because together these elements play an essential role in preventing heat and moisture build-up from damaging the roofing structure and materials. You should also give careful thought to choosing an effective gutter guard system that protects gutters from clogging. A reputable roofer will make sure that all of these components work together to prolong the life of your roof.

Q. What are other ways I know if I need a new roof?
A. While leaks are an obvious
clue that your roof needs attention, the condition of the shingles will determine whether a repair or replacement roof is appropriate. When worn out, shingles sometimes curl, warp or lose granules and may have missing or damaged shingle tabs. Pay particular attention to any visible signs inside your home such as discoloration spots on the wall, loose wallpaper, peeling paint on the ceiling and drips.

Q. If a new roof is necessary, do I have any options?
A. Roofing Anniston recommends
a complete removal of the old roof system for homeowners seeking a replacement roof. While it is possible to re-roof or re-cover existing shingles with a new roof if there is only one layer, possible dry rot underneath the first layer would remain undetected. In addition, placing a new layer of shingles over aging shingles may give the roof an uneven appearance. During the initial “tear-off” of the old roof, we will inspect the existing decking materials for dry rot and advise you on the work required to correct the problem.

Q. What will the estimator look for when inspecting the roof of my home?
A. Roofing Anniston
estimators inspect the roof covering, the drainage systems, the flashing (around skylights, chimneys, vent pipes), the ventilation systems, and the roof's rafters and trusses (if access to the attic is available). See roof diagram.

Q. How long will a new roof last?
A. The lifetime of a roof depends
on several factors including its exposure to natural elements such as sun, rain, humidity, wind, snow and ice. These conditions will eventually age the roofing components. If you have a few roof shingles that are damaged or missing this can have a cascading effect of weakening adjacent shingles, shortening the lifetime of the roof. Clogged gutters also pose major problems to roofing components. Gutters that do not drain properly will allow rain water to flow back onto the roof underneath good shingles possibly rotting the decking. Overflowing gutters will eventually cause problems along the fascia such as paint peeling, mildew and wood rot.

Inadequate roof ventilation and insulation can also reduce the lifetime of roofing components. Without sufficient attic ventilation, extreme temperature variations between the attic of the home and the outdoors will cause an expansion and contraction of roofing components which may rub granules off shingles and cause the shingles to curl.

Depending on the selection of roofing components, new roofs are given a 25-year to limited-lifetime manufacturer's warranty. EPDM (rubber) roofs have a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years. In general, the validity of a manufacturer's warranty is determined by the manufacturer's specified roofing components which must be installed together, and they include: the eave guard membrane, felt underlayment, shingles and roof ventilation system. You must choose an approved applicator who is certified to install materials according to manufacturer roofing guidelines in order to meet the requirements of their warranty.

Q. Are estimates free?
A. Yes. Please call us here at Roofing Anniston to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced estimators. After our inspection, we will provide you with a written proposal detailing our findings, options and cost.

Q. Do you provide roof inspections for home sellers or buyers?
A. Yes. Roofing Anniston
will inspect the roof and write a letter reporting the current condition of the roof and if any repairs are required. Please note that there is no warranty with this letter of inspection.

Q. Can a new roof lower my energy bills?
A. A properly insulated attic
and a well-ventilated roof will help you reduce heat loss and moisture condensation in the winter and heat retention in the summer enabling you to conserve energy. Adequate ventilation and insulation in your attic will also help reduce the possibility of ice dams from occurring caused by uneven roof temperatures and melting snow.

Q. What happens when the roofing materials are delivered to my home?
A. Approximately 2 days before your job
is to begin, the roofing material will be delivered to your home and loaded on the roof. If there are power lines, tree branches or other obstacles blocking delivery, the roofing material will be unloaded in your driveway. We do request that you keep the driveway clear on the day the roofing material is to be delivered.

Q. What preparation do I need to make inside my home before the work begins?
A. Please make sure that any valuable items
are covered in your attic because a certain amount of saw dust and debris will unavoidably fall. If we are removing skylights, please make sure a drop cloth is placed under the opening to catch any falling debris. There will be vibrations during a roofing job so it is recommended that ceiling fixtures are protected and that all pictures and other items of value are removed from the walls. If you need assistance, please be sure to ask us before the project begins.

Q. Will you protect the garden and shrubs around my home?
A. Roofing Anniston
takes every precaution to ensure that the home and surrounding areas are protected during the roof installation process. Please mark any underground sprinkler heads and make sure outdoor furniture is protected and barbecue equipment is covered. We would be happy to assist in moving any items that you would like protected.

Q. Do I have to be home during the roofing project?
A. Not unless you want to.
Roofing is a noisy, messy project, but when we are through, you should not be able to tell we were there. If you have children, please make sure they remain inside during the installation. If you have pets, please keep them indoors. After the completion of the job, your property will be raked and a nail magnet will be used to pick up any debris. After the first rain, you will probably see shingle granules that wash out through the gutters which is a natural process. Nails may also wash out through the gutters so it is a good idea to check your yard for debris that may not have been visible to the roofers at the time the job was completed.

Q. Suppose after all is done, I develop a leak?
A. Emergency Response
– An Aggressive repair department allows roof emergences to be rectified quickly and expeditiously.

Roofing Material Types

Composite sheets
consisting of a copolymer modified bitumen often reinforced and sometimes surfaced with various types of films, foils and mats.

Ply IV (4) M and Ply VI (6) M
are asphalt impregnated, glass fiber mat reinforced roofing plies that provide superior durability and ease of application to construct Asphalt Built-Up Roof Systems.

Based on ethylene propylene diene monomer,
the versatile membrane offers a variety of installation options including fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached that deliver superior long-term weather ability and exhibit exceptional wind uplift resistance.

You can expect a metal roof
to last at least 2 to 3 times longer than a regular roof. In general terms, count on a metal roof lasting 40 to 60 years and beyond.

In addition to a new facility
we’ve purchased several new pieces of equipment to better serve the roofing needs of our client. This equipment consists of cutting edge technology, such as computerized shear to minimize waste, and computerized brake to create unique bends precisely at the same angle to create a tight fit.

Q. Are there any other reasons I should call Roofing Anniston?
A. Competitive Pricing
– Our work is of the highest quality, yet we are often substantially less expensive than our major competitors. We clean up the work site every day before we leave so that your home or business will still look nice while work is in progress. More than 90% of our business is obtained through referrals or repeat customers.

Friends, roofing is not for everyone. It's a hard way to make a living. That being said, roofing is what we love. We actually love to do it. What that means for you is that when you hire a long time, professional roofer, who loves his work, and has a long list of satisfied customers to show for it... Well, then...You know you are making the right decision when you use this roofer for your own home.

We here at Roofing Anniston love our work. We're looking forward to hearing from you about your roofing needs. Call us today, and let us see how we can help you.

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