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Residential Electrician Anniston

Residential Electrician Anniston exceeds expectations in Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Jacksonville AL, Piedmont AL, Talladega AL, Sylacauga AL, and Heflin, AL.

Here at Residential Electrician Anniston, from long years of experience we know that our customers benefit by having a skilled, trained professional who specializes in residential electrician needs means your problem will be fixed correctly and according to residential safety codes.

Residential Electrician AnnistonWe can also tell you that we have personally done well by ensuring that our customers have have someone in your home who understands the importance of completing the job neatly and with care and regard for your home, furniture, flooring, and other cherished items. Fully trained, tested, and certified electricians means peace of mind.

Something to think about. When you need electrical work done, you do have a choice. Because pulling wire isn't especially difficult to do, it seems like there is always a relative or a friend of a friend that can be located to do a job of work. The inherent problem in this money saving route is that most likely, your untrained help may be unaware of the local codes, and technical information necessary to do a correct job. In this case, saving money with non-professionals might not be the wisest course. Electricity is very unforgiving. Incorrect installations can cost you in a variety of ways from burnt up electrical devices to the ultimate lesson of burnt up homes, and worse. Don't let a short circuit ruin your day.

At all times Residential Electrician Anniston religiously follows good practices, which means adhering to the local installation codes, which does vary a bit from town to town, and at all times sticking strictly to the rules contained in the NEC, or National Electrical Code. Computing electrical loads, wire sizes, and use of the correct materials for the job is not something for amateurs, or moonlighters. Our electricians know the code and conduct themselves accordingly. Our installations are made to last a lifetime.

Our first point of contact with you will be over the phone when you request service. Depending on what you need we can often perform the service when we arrive. If the job is larger, we will meet with you to determine what you want, and come back ready to quickly complete the job.

Our rates are very competitive. Once our trained electrician arrives, he'll perform an evaluation and will give you a competitive quote. We stand behind our workmanship and our pricing. No surprises, no hidden charges. Our trained electricians pride themselves on completing each job in the safest manner possible and making sure each customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of the job. We clean up after the job, and stand behind our work. Your complete satisfaction is assured.

Residential Electrician Anniston residential services include the list below. It should give you an idea of the range of our electrical experience, but keep in mind that this is only a partial list. Whatever your needs, you can count on Residential Electrician Anniston!

  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Fixture Replacement or Repair
  • New Construction
  • Service Changes & Upgrades
  • Panel Upgrades
  • 120/240v outlets
  • Switches
  • Generators
  •  Spas / Hot Tubs /Saunas / AC units
  •  Accent & Security Lighting
  • Telephone, Data & TV Cable
  • Smoke detectors
  • Security systems
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Mobile Home Hook-Ups
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Surge Protection
  • Computer Circuits
  • Light additions in your home
  • Recessed Down Lighting
  • Fluorescent Fixture Repair
  • Underground Wiring
  • Cable Fault Locating
  • Rewiring
  • Concealed wiring
  • Wire Tracing
  • Fuse boxes
  • Fuses
  • Exhaust fans
  • Code Violation Repair
  • Code Consulting
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Code corrections
  • Residential Electrical Wiring
  • Electrical wiring
  • Circuit Breakers

As you can see from the list, our service runs the course from modern computer wiring to rewiring old fashioned homes. Electrical installations used to be much simpler back in the day, but with modern times comes modern challenges as new technology comes online. Years ago, who could have imagined that anyone would need more than a two wire fuse box to power the family fan and a string of lights?

In particular, when it comes to rewiring, there are even more challenges. New wiring is much easier, when the walls aren't up yet, but regardless, we're proud of our service in older homes too. Rewiring often separates the pikers from the true professionals, and our reputation is not exceeded by any other company.

You can feel confident calling Residential Electrician Anniston, knowing that our highly trained electricians will treat you, your family, and your property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Whether it's hanging a ceiling fan, installing a custom-designed landscape lighting system, or rewiring an existing structure, or other electrical services, you can call on Residential Electrician Anniston and be proud of your choice. We do it right the first time.

Call Residential Electrician Anniston today with for all of your electrical needs!!

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