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Polaris Anniston is your Polaris Sales and Service for Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Sylacauga AL, Heflin AL, Talladega AL, Piedmont AL, and Jacksonville AL. Polaris Anniston serves all of Alabama!

Polaris Big BossWhen you choose Polaris Anniston you not only get GREAT prices on a new or used Polaris ATV, but also the very best professional certified staff who are ready and waiting to assist you with all of your service questions and needs!

The 2011 Sportsman® ATV is the leading ATV in the whole world because it's the most innovative, Hardest Working. Smoothest Riding® ATV. Engines range from an air-cooled single to a powerful SOHC, 850cc Twin. The Polaris BIG Boss is the hossingest ATV on the market.

All Polaris models feature the ground grabbing and unbeatable traction of On-Demand True AWD and the legendary smooth ride of Independent Rear Suspension. This means that you're going to be one happy ATV user when you choose all of this quality from close to home Polaris Anniston!

The Polaris Sportsman® is ideal for ATV trail riding, ATV hunting, and is the perfect Utility ATV for farmers, contractors too. Especially in Alabama, Polaris is the NUMBER UNO choice for hunting. Around the farm the horses get jealous because the only feeding they need to bust those ant mounds is a little gas and oil. Fantastically reliable, you'll get get years of perfect service from your Polaris Anniston ATV.

Polaris ATV's are a way of life, not only at the factory, but at Polaris Anniston, and soon to be at your home. They get you out just as good as they get you in, every time, with matchless reliability and flexibility.

Polaris Anniston not only offers the latest models, but we also carry the pre-owned Polaris and the pre-used Polaris. You can purchase a used Polaris ATV from us with total confidence. Our top notch maintenance crew thoroughly checks out all of our ATV trades, replaces what needs to be replaced, and services them to perfection. Whether your used Polaris is a trade up, first machine, or a spare, you'll be happy you decided to purchase from us.

Polaris Anniston is constantly ordering all the latest Polaris Accessories and Tweaks!

As good as your Polaris Anniston machine is, it can always be made better with authentic Polaris ATV accessories. One thing you'll never have to worry with is needing something, and not being able to get it. You'll never have to re-invent the wheel when you shop Polaris! Whatever your speciality need, there is a Polaris accessory for you! If we don't have it in stock, we'll have it shipped immediately, and a cost savings you will appreciate!

A new way to get around on a machine that has been around a long time...

  • Sportsman XP® 850 EPS
  • Sportsman XP® 850
  • Sportsman® 550 EPS
  • Sportsman® 550
  • Sportsman® Touring 850 EPS
  • Sportsman® Touring 550 EPS
  • Sportsman® Touring 500 H.O.
  • Sportsman® 800 EFI
  • Sportsman® 500 H.O.
  • Sportsman® 400 H.O.
  • Sportsman® Big Boss® 6x6 800
  • Sportsman® X2 550
  • Outlaw® 525 IRS
  • Scrambler® 500 4x4
  • Trail Blazer® 330
  • Trail Boss® 330
  • Phoenix™ 200
  • Outlaw® 90
  • Sportsman® 90
  • Outlaw® 50
  • Sportsman® Touring 850 EPS Super Graphite LE
  • Sportsman XP® 850 EPS Browning® LE
  • Sportsman® X2 850 Sage Green LE
  • Sportsman XP® 850 EPS Orange Madness LE
  • 550 EPS Browning® LE

Here at Polaris Anniston our entire staff is professional, Polaris Certified, and best of all courteous and knowledgeable about the ATV products you crave! Our guys are team players, customer focused, problem solvers, and you won't find a friendlier more helpful crew anywhere for Polaris ATV sales. You have a problem? A question? speak with our expert ATV mechanic. He's the man you see about all of your ATV maintenance and repair.

Nothing can replace the "hands on" element that we offer you at our Polaris Anniston store. Sit on the seat, kick the tires, feel the throttle and ask your questions. We're always delighted to make a new ATV friend because we not only sell them for a living, but live them when we aren't selling. A Polaris Anniston ATV is just good doggone fun!

The only thing we don't offer at Polaris Anniston is sissy ATV's. ALL of our ATV's are rated for extreme duty, whether it is challenging the highest hills, rockiest fields, slipperiest paths, and wettest woodlands. You will find many uses for your ATV besides whatever you bought it for like pulling out that monster deer, pulling your truck out of the mud, hauling you out of places you can't even walk, and just having barrels of fun cruising and bruising some of our fine local ATV tracks. You want sissy, look elsewhere. You want the TOUGHEST ATV on earth and in and around Anniston Alabama, you come to Polaris ATV!

Without delay, make your Polaris ATV dream come true. Stop by our wondrous Polaris ATV store and shop for the sweetest, most pleasurable bear of an ATV ride from your friends at Polaris ATV Anniston! 

Polaris Anniston

Polaris Anniston Anniston is your Anniston and surrounding towns choice for the best Polaris ATV Sales and Service in Anniston!

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