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Internet Marketing Training Anniston

Internet Marketing Training Anniston offers Internet Marketing Tutoring, Training, and Mentoring in Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Piedmont AL, Talladega AL, and Heflin AL. We teach you how to work from home, in person, hands on.

internet marketing training annistonA step-by-step internet marketing training course, fully customized, for your skill level. An internet marketing course that would take you years to learn on your own. A step by step internet marketing guide to build your very own online business. A guide to selling online to the billions of customers looking for your stuff. A survival guide in the ever expanding, fun world of online marketing. One one one, hands on, person to person. A unique opportunity.

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The Hook:

Do you want to work from home and make lots of money immediately? Do you crave the good life at the beach instantly? Do you want "quit your job money" with little or no work?

The Truth:

If the answer to any of these questions is YES (with a straight face) then you should consider playing the Georgia Lottery.

However, if you are determined, and have what it takes, then you too could become the next Anniston Alabama millionaire living the good life. Probably not, but it has been known to happen.

The Pitch:

Making money on the Internet, first and foremost is HARD. Why? Because it is the last frontier. It is the place where everyone begins as equals with a blank screen and an idea. It's the last place on earth where a man or woman using persistence and brains has as much chance to become successful as anyone else of similar caliber.

Consequently, there is a lot of competition. On the other hand there is a LOT of opportunity. The Internet is so vast that there is room for everyone capable of using it.

At the least, the word HARD is subjective. Yes, Internet Marketing is hard, but then so is digging ditches. Between the two, I'd choose Internet Marketing each and every time!

You have heard all the radio and TV commercials that tell you that you too can work from home and make fantastic money if you will only pony up the big price they ask. Don't you believe it for a minute. If it were that easy, nobody would be going to work.

One benefit when you learn and work at Internet Marketing is actually discovering what the guys selling fairy dust already know. You'll learn how they operate and why they are successful. You'll learn the trick behind their magic. You may even learn why this article is written the way it is written and presented in the fashion that it is. In Internet Marketing, nothing is done randomly.

The Upside of Internet Marketing Anniston

  • Work from the comfort of your easy chair at home. 
  • Work in your underpants if you want to. 
  • No knocking on doors or pestering relatives to buy useless products. 
  • No inventory to maintain (and PAY for!) 
  • Prove your manhood or womanhood by pounding your competition. 

What Internet Marketing Is:

Internet Marketing is the absolute essence of entrepreneurship. Being your own man or woman. Succeeding or failing by your own work and internet prowess and ingenuity.

Internet Marketing is also a lot like panning for gold. If you are bad at it you will lose your grub stake. If you are good, you will pick up a nugget every now and again. If you are really good you can actually make a living with it.

Internet Marketing is equal parts study and action. It's like going back to college. For many, it's a wonderful hobby, and for some, it's not only a hobby but a career.

What Internet Marketing Is Not:

  • Internet Marketing is NOT a way for you to quit your day job, at least at first. 
  • Internet Marketing is not a quick fix. 
  • Internet Marketing is not for the mentally lazy. 
  • Internet Marketing is not a get rich quick solution. 
  • Internet Marketing is not for someone without financial resources. You can begin cheaply, and in some instances even for free, but you will need a working credit card sooner or later. 

Why Internet Marketing?

  • Do it for a second job. 
  • Do it for a hobby. 
  • Do it with an eye to making enough money in the future to do it full time. 

Who Can Benefit With Internet Marketing?

  • Work at home mom 
  • Retired person 
  • Teenager with time 
  • Unemployed person with time 
  • Gainfully employed person with an excess of unused talent 
  • A person that wants their own for real business 
  • A person who wants to help others with good products, and information 

Who Will Not Benefit With Internet Marketing:

  • All of the above if they lack curiosity, drive, determination, and imagination. 
  • Persons interested in long term gains for little work 

Minimum Skills

  • At a minimum you need to be comfortable using a computer, for this is the tool of the trade. 
  • Have an understanding of website building tools, or the capacity (and desire and drive) to learn. 
  • Be comfortable making plans, and setting and meeting goals. 

What is the number one trait of those who succeed with Internet Marketing? The answer is tenacity. The second is confidence. Once you gain confidence, and know that success is possible, you will stick with the program you have set out for yourself.

Know this. You DO NOT have to re-invent the wheel.

There are two ways to learn Internet Marketing. You can spend years researching and learning like I did, and still do, because I enjoy that, or you can employ a mentor. I am that mentor.

To be sure, there are libraries of material available on the internet about Internet Marketing. Much of it is good. Some of it is outdated. Some is garbage.

The problem that you must learn to work through is separating the garbage from the good stuff, and having done that learning to overcome the information overload problem. It's a problem that all Internet Marketers must face. There is SO MUCH information out there that you risk your brain exploding. The reward, of course, is that once you know who to trust, the good information available will be a wonderful asset to you.

So what's a beginning Internet Marketer to do? The answer is....get a fast start with Internet Marketing Training. I am that trainer.

I am Internet Marketing Anniston. What I offer is my hard won Internet Marketing knowledge to give you a fast start. I can help you lay the foundation for your future Internet Marketing success.

I can't and won't do your job for you, but I will show you how to do it for yourself. There is every possibility that one day you will attain critical mass and far exceed the sum of my teachings.

How much does it cost?

The answer depends on how much you already know. Obviously, if you don't know the basics of using a computer, it's going to cost more. I'm assuming you know that much, else you would not have found your way here much less still be reading. What I offer is being charged by the thousands of dollars by others and can not be found in colleges at any price.

However, I charge Alabama prices, which is considerably less. I'll get to prices shortly, or you can scroll down and peek. (But you'll miss a lot if you do.)

One Size Does Not Fit All

My Internet Marketing Anniston Training is customized to fit your skill set. We begin at the point that you need help. Honestly, though, if you don't know the basics of using your computer or never graduated from AOL, you might consider something else. Though, I'll teach you, if you truly want to learn and are able to apply what you are taught.

On the other hand, if this is something you really want to learn, this is your opportunity to jump to the front of the line. You are the only one at this point who knows how badly you want to work from home on your computer with realistic expectations and goals.

Two Internet Marketing Training scenarios are possible:

Scenario one is a general overview for you as a beginner. Be advised that you need computer skills to do Internet Marketing. If you need basic computer instruction to start, this in itself could take up the bulk of the overview.

The second is is where I will help you with more advanced information working in an area that you already have some experience with.

Here are some of the Internet Marketing areas that are open for teaching and discussion:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing? 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Graphics for your programs 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Banner Advertising 
  • Article Marketing (This is HOT now. This is a course in itself.) 
  • Best platforms, static, blogging, CMS, Free Sites, Web 2.0 
  • Google Advertising, ergo Contextual or Pay Per Click 
  • CPA Advertising (Use it or lose it?) 
  • CPC Advertising (Use it or lose it?) 
  • CPM Advertising (Use it or lose it?) 
  • Organic Search Results vs Paid 
  • The art of Keywords (You MUST know this.) 
  • How to conduct product research 
  • Mailing Lists 
  • Proper page design 
  • Search Engines 
  • Text Ads vs Graphic ads 
  • Link Building (Part of Backlinking) Do's and Don'ts 
  • Forum Marketing 
  • Niche Marketing (MUST HAVE) 
  • Clickbank Advertising 
  • Best Affiliate Marketing companies 
  • Conversion Rate 
  • Free Software 
  • Paid Software 
  • MUST HAVE Software 
  • Software that is nice to own (As in supercharging your efforts) 
  • Best Internet Gurus (And who to avoid) 
  • Free places of higher learning on the Internet 
  • Avoiding scams 
  • Popups or not 
  • Amazon Advertising 
  • Basics of Graphics free and on your own programs 
  • Most Important Design Elements of a Web Page 
  • Facebook Marketing (Marketing ON Facebook and using Facebook as an aid to your other marketing) 
  • Local, National, and Global marketing. 
  • PR - Page Rank and the importance thereof. 
  • Cost factors to be aware of for the type marketing you choose. 
  • How to farm out common tasks to willing workers. Where to find them. 
  • Sales funnels 
  • Super small niches 
  • One mega site vs many small sites 
  • Best web host and why. 
  • Communications tools 
  • Browser Tips and Tricks 

Friend, I don't pretend to know it all, but I know a lot. There is more that I haven't noted than there is noted above. If you are ready for it, your lesson includes my chosen online marketing strategies, and this in itself is worth the price. I won't hold back. You get what you need to know, and all of it.

To make the best use of our time, in a perfect world you should decide which areas you want to concentrate on. Otherwise, your first lesson will be an overview, starting with deciding which web platform to use and the basics of that.

If our first session is an overview, then consider that subsequent sessions, if any, will be all the more advantageous for you because you will have narrowed down the areas that need more work. This means you get even more value.

Internet Marketing is a business. It can be a hobby, but if you are serious, it will become a business. Continuing study is essential to make it work for you. Success does not come in a box that you purchase from a slick internet marketer promising you the moon and stars. It comes from hard work and bulldog tenacity.

Internet Marketing is the absolute cheapest way to own your own business. The overhead need not be high, and capital outlay does not equal success. Gray matter is all that matters. There are billions of people out there on the internet. Many are potential clients. The Internet is like a giant pipe spewing a column of white hot gas ten feet wide. All you need is a spoonful to call it a day and make your bundle.

Getting that spoonful sounds easy, but trust me, it isn't. The Internet is also a fools paradise. Whether you are successful or the fool depends only on yourself. If you are ready, put on your asbestos suit and follow me. The work is hot, long, sometimes excruciatingly dull, but oh so very rewarding when you succeed.

Success is not instantaneous for most of us. It's a long slog down uncertain paths. But best of all, you define your own measure of success. You are your own boss, setting your own goals.

It's a wonderful feeling to check the sales stats and see money in there.

Why Internet Marketing Anniston?

With an Internet Guide to help you pack your bags properly, your journey will be more certain, more pleasurable, and more sure. I am that guide. If you're ready, come on along. Frankly, I'd like to see you succeed. Whatever else, if this is your cup of tea, you're in for the adventure of a lifetime. Rewarding....and fun. And possibly even profitable.


Overview Session: Morning, Evening, or Afternoon: $400. You get TWO sessions for this price.

If you are not in the area and too far to travel, I will conduct our class using TeamViewer. It's safe and secure.

Continuing Education: $40 per hour for session overview students. Take an hour, or as much time as you need.

Hourly charge for instruction is $100 for all others.

I accept cash, check, credit card or Paypal. (Travel mileage extra outside Calhoun County AL. Charged at time of appointment.) Click below and choose your option.

   OVERVIEW $400


I'm not in town. I may not even be in your country the last time I checked. Can you still help me?

Sure! Using a free program you can download called TeamViewer I can work with you from MY desktop. It's just like Internet Marketing Anniston with TeamVieweryou were looking over my shoulder! Distance is NOT a problem! TeamViewer is safe and secure. It's the collaboration software of choice.



Tell me where you need help. We can begin with an overview, or skip to the lucrative parts. My tutoring is not linear. You get beginning or advanced training from the start. Your choice. This level of training goes for thousands of dollars elsewhere, often in group sessions. You get one on one training. The comparison for value is easy to see.

Whether this is a good investment or not totally depends on your desire to use it to succeed. I boil down for you in a few hours what it took me thousands of hours to learn. The money you spend will pale in comparison to the money you can potentially make. Again, whether your investment is wise or not totally depends on how you use the information and education I impart. If you are successful, your school money will pay for itself many many times over.

Contact me directly at Internet Marketing Training by GetCalhoun.com or by phone (256)405-9713

Knock knock.... Do you hear that?
That is the sound of opportunity knocking...


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