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HVAC Service Anniston

HVAC Service Anniston serves Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Piedmont AL, Heflin AL, Jacksonville AL, and Talladega AL.

HVAC Service AnnistonHVAC means "Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning." It's something we all use, and one of the most frequently called upon services in Anniston AL.

What are some of the services HVAC Service Anniston offers?

  • Duct cleaning and repair
  • AC and Heating Tune-ups
    Furnace cleaning
  • Air Conditioner and Heating Inspections
  • Air and Heat Maintenance Programs
  • Emergency Service for your comfort
  • Custom Home Installations of Air Conditioning and Heating
  • AC and Heating System Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Central Air Cleaner - Install and repair
  • Refrigeration System - Install, repair, replace
  • Attic or Whole House Fan - Install, Repair, Replace Central Heating System

HVAC replacement isn't cheap, and neither is perennial air conditioner repair, so running yearly maintenance just makes sense. Commonly, it is thought that this applies mostly to commercial heating and air conditioning, but nothing could be further from the truth! Homeowners can save big money too!

HVAC Anniston's maintenance program includes these money saving features:

  • Check for Proper Voltage (Low Voltage = Heat which = Shorter life
  • Blower Assembly (A dirty assembly cuts down on efficiency)
  • Clean Condenser Coil (More dirt and dust means less cooling)
  • Electric Strip Heaters (Necessary for your unit to work)
  • Proper Refrigerant (Low coolant and means warmer air and eventual possible damage to the compressor.)
  • Visible Leaks (Oil is a dead giveway to more serious problems)
  • Pulleys & Belts (Cracked belts will fail)
  • Vibration Noise (Quiet operation is a blessing)
  • For Clean Indoor Coil (Filthy coils reduce efficiency)
  • Fan Limit Switch (Safety feature)
  • Thermostat (Is your thermostat telling you the truth?)
  • Heat Exchanger (Efficiency)
  • Motors & Lubricate (Some motors must be lubricated or they burn up)
  • Condensate Drain (Stopped up drains leads to freeze ups)
  • Safety of System
  • Electrical Connections (Loose connections generate heat which further compromises the connection which will eventually burn up potentially destroying your compressor and other components.)
  • Burners (Safety)
  • Contactors & Relays (Contactors that are properly making and breaking mean that your unit isn't working properly)

HVAC Anniston Air Conditioning & Heating Service Experts Cleans your ducts!

As you may know, modern homes are built more tightly, keeping what's in the house in the house. Fumes, allergens, dust, you name it. Ductwork, over time, can become disease breeding centers, as they accrete deposits of dust, dirt, germs, etc. Because your home is so efficient, the dirty air your ducts may be spewing will reduce your quality of life, especially if you have an air borne allergy problem. Even folks who don't have allergies will be affected as well. The problem is invisible and insidious.

And, of course, all that crud (scientific name) impedes the workings of your system in general, running up the energy consumption of your home and defiles your air quality.

HVAC Anniston Heating & Air Conditioning has been cleaning ducts for years. Give us a call and we'll send someone right out for an inspection, and craft the perfect solution to make your home...and you, more healthy with better indoor air quality from your heating & air.

Upgrade Your HVAC system...

It is a fact that new heating and air conditioning systems are much more efficient and money saving than older ones. Especially in the last few years, the industry has produced systems built with less that deliver more. The new systems are not only much better than the old ones when they were new, but because your AC and cooling unit has been have been running for these many years, they are, unfortunately not nearly as tight and efficient as they were when they were new. In short, you could see BIG savings with a new unit that could actually help pay for itself just in energy savings.

A further explanation of HVAC Anniston perfect service ...

AC systems, aka Air conditioners are rated using what is known as SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Modern units coming off the lines these days have a SEER rating of not less than 13.

Old units, which, though, generally being of good build and having a long life span, have a lower SEER out of the box. Units before 1980 were in the 7 and 8 range. Over time, this rating drops as parts wear. Air conditioner compressors, are a lot like automobile engines. When they get old, they still might run fine, but you'll have to use more foot pressure to get the same results....also at some point, you'll need to keep a case of oil in the trunk too.

You will come out much better over the year with a 13 or 14 SEER than one below 7. We will be more than happy to explain this to you and show you how much money your new unit will save. Practically, a new unit can pay for itself off the money you are tossing out the window with that old one. Over time, you can have a new central air for the same price as keeping that old one going.

We understand that replacing heating and cooling equipment can be a bit traumatic. Our service techs are highly trained, courteous and understanding, whatever your needs.

We hope you will call us for your heating and airconditioning needs, whether it is service, maintenance, or replacement. HVAC System Anniston has you covered! 

HVAC Service Anniston

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