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House Cleaning Service Anniston

House Cleaning Service Anniston cleans up Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Heflin AL, Talladega AL, Oxford AL, and Piedmont AL.

Cleaning Service Anniston

You may have used other cleaning services, and if so, a common complaint is that they every week, it's a new crew. This may be a result of scheduling or turnover.

You won't have that to worry with when you call on House Cleaning Service Anniston. We know that it's a hassle to have to swim the same waters each week with new people, so we always schedule our same great people to come to your home.

That way, they already know what you want, and they get a chance to give your floor, kitchen, bathroom, you name it another good scrubbing and dusting.

You also want to make sure that your home remains the same, only cleaner when the crew leaves. We select our employees very carefully, and House Cleaning Service Anniston is licensed, bonded and insured for everyone's protection.

Eliminate the drudge work from your life by hiring people who actually love to clean. Cleaning of your home is what we do! How better to get the shiny new surfaces in your home than to hire the cleaning professionals?

Some things House Cleaning Service Anniston loves to clean:

  • General cleaning & stain removal
  • Clean the oven inside and out
  • Clean your refrigerator inside, out, top, and bottom.
  • Clean and shine up your windows
  • Spot clean your carpet

What's more, while we're at it, how about changing the sheets on your bed and mopping those floors? When was the last time you cleaned under the cabinet? House Cleaning Service does that! We are the professional cleaning service that sets the standard in and around Anniston and we clean it right!

Sometimes living in a home means that things get a little out of whack and we don't even notice. House Cleaning Service Anniston notices! Using only the top cleaning products, our maid service goes places you have long forgotten:

  • Furniture dusted everywhere, even in unreachable places & polished to sparkling
  • Light fixtures dusted properly
  • Mini-blinds dusted carefully
  • Windowsills dusted and washed where possible
  • Baseboards dusted with attention to the smallest details
  • Mirrors sprayed and polished carefully

Most everyone has a bathroom, and we frequently find that a little extra cleaning never hurts...

  • Sinks washed, scrubbed, all stains and stick-ups removed, builds-up down the drain removed, wiped dry
    Faucets cleaned to shining, wiped dry
  • Tubs washed, scrubbed when needed, scum and dirt removed, hair removed, mold and mildew eliminated, rust removed, color refreshed
  • Tile floor and wall tile cleaned and disinfected, soap scum and water spots cleaned
  • Shower stall cleaned completely with removing all scum and stains, shower curtain washed, glass door wiped to sparkling results
  • Tracks & doors: washed thoroughly
  • Mats washed
  • Vanity tops washed twice
  • Toilet bowl cleaned and sanitized thoroughly, tile cleaned, odor removed, toilet freshened
  • Metal fixtures: cleaned and polished
  • Doors washed
  • Floors washed and scrubbed
  • Mirrors cleaned carefully without scratching the surface

Homeowners knowthat it's all fun and games until it's time to clean. Do yourself a favor, give us as a gift to your spouse. We love to come and clean up that house! It's House Cleaning Service Anniston for the shiny clean that you'll love to show your friends and neighbors! Use us with confidence. Call House Cleaning Service Anniston today!

Don't forget, House Cleaning Service Anniston is also your professional Commercial Cleaning Service as well! 

House Cleaning Service Anniston

House Cleaning Service Anniston is your Anniston and surrounding towns choice for the best House Cleaning Service!

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