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Home Builder Anniston

Home Builder Anniston takes great pride in every home we build in Anniston AL, Oxford AL, Talladega AL, Heflin AL, Piedmont AL, and Jacksonville AL.

Home Builder Anniston

Home Builder Anniston is the top Home Builder in Anniston Alabama. From the idea to the engineering to the final inspection, we bring our clients right along all the way during the construction of their fine home. You will love our way of doing business and of all the home builders you could choose, once you talk to us, we're sure that we are the home builder you'll use.

Home Builder Anniston Construction Phases

During the pre-construction phase we will all sit down and review the decisions leading up to the construction of your new home. We will make sure we're on the same page as for the precise placement of the house, review the blueprints, and give you a general overview of what to expect as the project progresses. As soon as all the permits have cleared, the home construction can begin

Before the first board is thrown, we will verify that the home site is sound to support the foundation, and your home that will sit on it.

The first phase of your new home construction by Home Builder Anniston is the framing in phase. This usually takes from one to four weeks, and is dictated by the size, complexity, and the weather during that time. The floors and wall go up first, and then the second story, if that is in the plans.

When the floors and walls are completed, the roof trusses arrive, already pre-built. After securing them, the roof is installed along with the phone and television cabling and the electrical wiring is started.

Once the roof is completed the exterior detail work begins. This is where your windows and trim are put in place. After that, we rough in your heating and cooling system, (HVAC), plumbing system, and the electrical system.

Next, the exterior walls and trim are painted, while the interior roughing in is being finalized.

With your home dried in, and the electrical and plumbing feeds in place, the drywall phase begins. Our drywall crew hangs all of your interior drywall, and proceeds to tape and finish it After the walls are in place, they are ready to be finished with textures and touching up.

Note that in every phase of the home building process, quality control is practiced religiously.

The finishing phase

  • Walls are prime-painted and prepared for final finish, while interior trim, cabinets, counters and sinks are installed.
  • Completion of electrical systems occurs as wire shelving, bath accessories and mirrors are installed.
  • Ceramic tile and any vinyl and/or wood flooring are installed.
  • Any necessary grading occurs outside (weather permitting) as hardware fixtures, shoe molding and carpeting are installed.
  • Final touches (gutters, mailboxes, garage door openers, etc.) are completed as the entire home is cleaned.

At this point, all work to date is examined closely, and any faults are corrected.

We haven't mentioned the floor to date. That's because there hasn't been one. Only now do we install the flooring with the specifications we agreed on, whether it is with carpet, hardwood, etc. This way our crew doesn't have to worry about tracking up your new shiny carpet.

Making the house a home.

  • Appliances are installed.
  • Door and window screens are installed.
  • Carpeting is installed.
  • Various final inspections (bank, city, etc.), garage cleaning and paint touch-ups take place.

Home Introduction

Even though you have most likely been keenly keeping up with our progress, before you move in, we have our final meeting in your new home. The purpose is to have a final checkout together, and to answer your questions and review whatever appliances we have installed, warranties, etc.

You can be assured that your new home has just been built with the best materials and the newest technologies available. There is an amazing amount of science that goes into each of our homes, compared to the days when building a home was mainly about nailing boards together. Today's home are much more sturdy and energy efficient, and safer too.

Thinking of a new home? Contact Home Builder Anniston today and let's make a house a home. We have done it hundreds of times. You can see our work wherever you look around Anniston. Give us the opportunity to make the a house your home.  

Home Builder Anniston

Home Builder Anniston is your Anniston and surrounding towns choice for the best Home Builder and Service!

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