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Handyman Anniston

Handyman Anniston is your one stop source for a wide variety of household repairs and installations in and around Anniston AL, Piedmont AL, Oxford AL, Jacksonville AL, Heflin AL, and Talladega AL.

Handyman Anniston

Sometimes you have a job around the house, office, or commercial business that more than your time or talents require and is less than you would want to call in a big time contractor. Who do you turn to? You pick up the phone and call Handyman Anniston!

Handyman Anniston is here to help with all your repair and maintenance needs. Here is a list of some of just some of the many things we can do for you:



  • Doors & Trim
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Tile & Grout
  • Wall & Ceiling Repair
  • Yard & Deck
  • Finish a Basement
  • Convert an Attic
  • Add a Custom Deck
  • Screen in a Sunroom
  • Add a Home Theater
  • Add a Bathroom
  • Install Adjustable Counters
  • Add Ecofriendly Options
  • Convert Your Garage to a Room
  • Create a Custom Home Office
  • Renovate Your Kitchen
  • Update Your Bath

Being Anniston and surrounding town's Handyman means that we wear a lot of hats from carpentry to plumbing to electrical and everything in between. We obey the local codes and keep up to date on all of the latest tools and trends. Being your handyman means that everything we do is done right and with imagination.

Often, house and home repair is more difficult than a new installation. For example, if you want a new path from one room to the other, it's easier to accomplish when building a house than later, but never fear, your accomplished Handyman Anniston is here. We not only follow your wishes, but offer suggestions you may not have thought about for a better job. This comes from years of experience with not only new additions, but remodeling as well.

We work with you and every one of our customers to understand your needs and offer quality advice, and we have the expertise to develop a project that is right for you. We strive to provide you with an exceptional experience.

A few suggestions:

Need your wooden fence repaired?

Fence repair looks easy from a distance, but can be a chore to accomplish. If the wood won’t hold a screw or the post will no longer stand up, it’s time to replace some or all of the material. Handyman Anniston has replaced a lot of fences and we are adept at installing the right hardware to get that old fence to last a few more years. We can replace fence posts, add support brackets or reinforcing wood.

Sagging deck:

Everyone loves a deck. It's like being home on the outside. But over time, decks need servicing. Deck boards, railing and steps tend to go back to nature over time. Old rotten wood needs to be replaced with new pressure treated wood.

After the wood on your deck has cured, it needs to be sealed. That is another service of Handyman Anniston.

How's those gutters?

Gutters fill up with leaves and twigs, birds' nests, wasp nests, you name it. Your home may have gutters higher than you feel safe about working on. Not only do we clean them for you, but we make sure they are doing as intended, and that is moving water away from the house in the proper manner.

Landscape Repair

While Handyman Anniston doesn't cut grass, we do just about everything else that you need to make your yard the best it can be. Have you been putting off some chore in the yard because it's just too darn hard or messy? Call us and we'll come right out to see what we can do from driveways, lighting, fencing, you name it. What Handyman Anniston is, is your complete problem solver. No two jobs we're called on to accomplish are ever alike.

Kitchen need remodeling?

You can spend a lot of time lining up different companies to get your kitchen back into shape, but why go to all the bother? Just call Handyman Anniston. A kitchen remodel isn’t just about choosing countertops and picking out flooring. You have to consider options, features, and colors that will fit your family now and tomorrow. You can remodel your kitchen to include the latest style, the most expensive tile, and the brightest light, but you may still have problems.

Times change. We eat outside and use the bathroom inside. Do you need more quality time inside?

Bathroom remodeling is something in everyone's future sooner or later, if they live long enough. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the more demanding home repair tasks, because you have electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and even fabrication to take into consideration. Getting the water to drain properly is often not something you want to tackle if you aren't experienced. Call us. We will make your bathroom into something you will want to show your neighbors!

Handyman Anniston is your complete solution to home happiness. We eagerly await your request for our great services!

Handyman Anniston


Handyman Anniston is your Anniston and surrounding towns choice for the best Handyman Service!

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