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Custom Built Home Anniston

Custom Built Home Anniston offers years of experience building homes for clients. Getting to know us, and working with us from early on is the way to your perfect custom home.

Custom Built Home AnnistonCustom Built Home Anniston attention to home building can be seen in and around Anniston AL, including Calhoun County, Alabama, Oxford AL, Piedmont AL, Jacksonville AL, Heflin AL, and Talladega AL.

Our reputation for fine homes is not exceeded by any other home builder. From starter homes to magnificent mansions, you can see our hand in fine living wherever you look.

Our perfect customer is one who takes the time to evaluate our excellence in home building and decides to engage us early in the design phase. That way, we can work with both the customer and the architect to ensure the best budgeting for the new home.

The most common mistake, and the most painful mistake, that we encounter in the custom home business, is made by clients who engage the architect or designer before selecting the builder. Why? Because, often, the home is over designed and exceeds the budget of the customer. Bringing us in early ensures that you get what you want at a price you can afford.

The first step we perform is an evaluation of your home site. Having built as many homes as we have over the years we know each lot has unique characteristics. We build your home on your land - the way you want it. The person who will be working with you throughout construction - will meet you at the site and answer questions like how your home will be positioned on the lot, what trees will need to be cleared, what utilities are available.

Buying an existing home means compromises. Knowing that everyone has their own style and tastes, we work closely with you to find the perfect home style that meshes seamlessly with building site. Building your own home means that you can fill your wish list the way you want to.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Custom Built Home Anniston

1. We offer the best value.

Our long experience building our custom homes means that we can offer the best value, and we can prove it!

2. Experience. 

We are your custom home builder. We custom build homes from start to finish, using the knowledge we have gained over the year.Along with keeping you in the loop through every process means that we provide you with the best customer care in the business so that the end product will be everything you wanted at a price you can afford.

3. Quality.

We build quality homes. We don't use inferior materials. That way, you have a home for life.

4. Customization.

Using our custom home building design services, you start with the basic floor plan, and we customize it to fit your needs and desires. The choices are infinite for your dream home.

5. Price Control.

Integrating you into the building process from the start means that you always know the costs. There are no ugly surprises in store for you during the building phase.

6. Warranty.

All Custom Built Home Anniston comes with full warranties.

7. Design.

Using the most modern computer aided tools, you will literally be able to look over our shoulder as the design plans of your house plans comes together by the square foot and by the rooms.

8. Awards.

Custom Built Home Anniston, as the area's premier custom homes builder has received many awards for our fine homes. Recognized by the home building industry as a quality home builder means that you can have confidence that deliver what we promise and more.

9. Communication.

As already mentioned, we insist on an open line policy. You have instant access to everyone from the boss to your home builder at all times. You'll never have to chase down anyone with our company.

10. Energy Efficiency.

Long after the home is completed you will still be saving money with our energy efficient and award winning design. You'll be thankful each time your power bill comes due. Money saved through energy is more money you have to spend for the benefit and comfort of your family through the years.

Custom Built Home Anniston is your full service home builder. We await the pleasure of building your dream home the way you want it at the price you can afford. Call us today so that we may set an appointment for your future..


Custom Built Home Anniston

Custom Built Home Anniston is your Anniston and surrounding towns choice for the best Custom Built Home and Service!

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