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Web Development Alabama featuring Anniston AL, Oxford AL,
Jacksonville AL, Talladega AL, Heflin AL, and Piedmont AL!

You are on this page because you know your business needs to be represented on the internet and you have questions...

Let me present GetCalhoun.com to you for your consideration. It is Alabamaలemiere internet marketing vehicle. By design, it delivers your business and products to the public better than any other community website. It is a fact when we say, "If your business small in size? Don't worry. GetCalhoun.com will equalize."

GetCalhoun.com pages are the ones the others must try to beat. This means that your fully customized display full display page(s) will be at the top of searches for your product. While this canࢥ guaranteed by any company, to date, we have achieved this for every Alabama page that we have built and we堨appy to demonstrate this to you. Placing your page with GetCalhoun.com is your best choice to be found on the internet for local and area business.


A special ad rate reduction message for 2016 from GetCalhoun.com to you.

GetCalhoun.com has been helping business in and around Calhoun County Alabama since 2002. In 2002 the ad rates were set at $240 per year, which is a bargain.

The motto here has always been "affordable advertising for all."

Regardless of the economy advertising is still necessary. Therefore, in light of the present man made economic recession....or depression...I have made a decision. I am LOWERING my prices to the introductory price of $50 for the first year. This includes your display page plus a "coupon page", and a paragraph on the front (index) page of this site.

Why am I reducing my prices to one fifth of the former cost? Is it a clever marketing ploy? No. Neither a ploy nor clever. It's a survival tactic. You are having to cut back and tighten the belt. So am I. It's the times we're living in. 

If and when the economy returns, I may raise my prices. In the meantime, because many simply can not afford even my old rates, I have elected to slash my prices for first time clients. This means everyone can afford a smart page on GetCalhoun.com for just about any reason. The price is slashed, but the offer and quality is not reduced one iota. The reasons why it is good for you, even if you already own a website, to advertise here... remain the same. But the prices are reduced so much that ALL can afford to place a page here. Five bucks a month for front page views on the search engines.

Review this page. Understand why this is smart advertising and contact me. I am ready to put the vast proven power of GC Internet advertising to work for YOU.

I reserve the right to raise prices when the future warrants. However, your price is locked for one year. Call today and let's get your success page up and running on GetCalhoun.com!

-Norman Morrison, Editor, Owner GetCalhoun.com since 2002

Pricing for GetCalhoun.com: Our 2016 pricing model is simple: $240 per year for first time buyers. (Realty, automotive, and building trades pages extra.) Of course GC reserves the right to not allow advertising for any reason. GC is strictly family oriented. You get a unique Display Page PLUS a Coupon Special Page PLUS your company on the front page of this website!

Contact your friendly webmaster, Norman Morrison 256-405-9713
in Oxford, Alabama or  getcalhoun@getcalhoun.com
Grab the phone or click that mousey! I'm happy to visit with you

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in person or by phone. Ask your questions and let's see how I can help you with a nice web page.

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Pay your bill with PayPal or with your credit card thru Paypal. You DO NOT have to be a member, so click away and have fun! Oh, and we do take cash and check money too!
Your one year page contract with GetCalhoun.com for only $50. Payment due when contract is let for your great page on GetCalhoun.com.

Thanks! We know you are going to LOVE your page on GetCalhoun.com! 

Pricing for Full Websites: Full websites begin at $459 for typical websites up to ten pages, and $959 for the deluxe business models.

NO monthly maintenance fee! This alone can save you hundreds a year. After your site is built you pay only for ordered improvements. Your first year of domain and hosting is included in the price when you choose the deluxe model. That is up to a $159 savings right out of the box!

Website Design: We make complete websites. To date we have more than 40 online using a variety of web development platforms including FrontPage, xSitePro, Wordpress.
Whether you need a simple site, or one powerful enough for a corporation, contact us.

We are ALWAYS delighted to prove that we are indeed your BEST choice for your websites and web pages on GetCalhoun.com. Here at GetCalhoun.com we over deliver! Contact us immediately and make MORE MONEY!

With others, making pages is a profession. With GetCalhoun.com making pages that WORK is a PASSION.

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EVERYONE searching for Anniston Alabama information visits this website! Do you want your business to be found by folks searching for Anniston Alabama?

Anniston Alabama is the most beautiful website I have ever created....Norm

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new and dynamic local website from GetCalhoun.com. It's wide open for your business or organization!

Let me work with you for GREAT banner ads and custom content. If you are in Anniston or do business in Anniston, this beautiful website is WIDE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

AnnistonAlabama.net is where the world visits, when they visit Anniston on the Internet! Let your business be found there! GREAT Opportunity! Don't miss it! Contact me TODAY.

Knock knock. Do you hear that?
That is the sound of opportunity knocking on your door.

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 Norman Morrison
 --Editor, Owner, GetCalhoun.com and OceanView Graphic Designs of Oxford



GetCalhoun.com is the BIG DOG of Internet Advertising in Alabama!

256-405-9713 The ONLY locally owned Online Marketing Megasite!
Beat the recession with GetCalhoun.com in Alabama and beyond.
Good FULL advertising for pennies on the dollars others charge.
No matter if your business is small in size, GetCalhoun.com WILL equalize.
Remember, for full websites, we charge half as much and you get twice as much.

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