Messi is one on a very short list of the best world soccer players. That's football everywhere else. Messi, the man, the legend, the information.

Messi was born in 1987 in Argentina to a factory worker and a part time clean up lady. His ancestry is Italian where his grandfather came to Argentina from. Messi began playing soccer at the tender age of five.

Messi would probably do it.

Messi, a smallish fellow was diagnosed with a growth hormone problem. As with many great men, his problems only spurred him to greater struggle, which in time paid off.

Messi began his career the club Grandoli, where he scored his first goals, and later switched to the Newell's Old Boys near his home.

In a life changing fortunate confluence of events, the team, FC Barcelona was made aware of this little football player in Argentina and offered him not only a job but medical treatement as well.

At a meeting between Messi and the sport director, a contract was struck...on a paper napkin. It seems that the signer had neglected to bring the real thing with him, so the deal was penned out on a super absorbent paper towel. The trick was that Messi had to agree to move to Spain. It was a no brainer for the lad.

Messi played with distinction in The Barcelona with the junior Infantil B and Cadete B & A teams from 2000 to 2003. Making a goal for the club was his goal.

In Messi's debut years he managed to score a whopping 37 goals in 30 matches. For readers not familiar with this sort of football, this is real good.

In less than a year Messi he entered the league at the age of 17 becoming one of the youngest ever soccer players for Barcelona.

Messi's new team, seeing his potential moved him up to a first team member with a contract that won't expire until 2016 Messi moved his papers to Spain and became a Spanish citizen in 2005 so that he could finally play for the team. Then he got to work.

Messi drove six balls into the net in 17 games that year in 2005. Barcelona went on to become the top crew in Spain and Europe.

The 2006 season rolled around and so did Messi. As a regular top tier player he racked up 14 goals in 26 games. But then things took a turn when Messi ripped his metatarsal. I had to go look that up. It would have been better had he suffered a muscle tear. A foot injury is potentially much worse.

The metatarsals of Messi (and you too if you are human) are a set of obscurely named bones that reside in the mid part of the between the heel portion and the toes. It's a strange place to break a bone, but Messi managed it. Even so, he was back in action on only three months! His performance only improved.

Messi was among the members of the Argentina's 2006 home World Cup team.

In the soccer football world, fans are aware of the Maradona 1986 goal of the century in Mexico, Maradona being another famous player. A match against the two would have been very interesting.

In 2007 Messi made a similar play to that of the elder player, and the sports press started calling him "Messidona." This all in Spanish, by the way.

Getting better and better all the time, running up his goal scores, Messi was put up for a FIFPro World XI Player Award. He was the clear winner in polls conducted of world soccer fans. Famous soccer players world wide said he was one of the best in the world.

About this time, Messi yet again over strained and tore a thigh muscle. This time he was benched for 6 weeks while he healed. He made it back for one game where he scored. He took his rest. A far cry from his earlier home World Cup qualifying high flying and low kicking style.

Come the 2008 season, Messi was on hand and about the field with a passion. In one game he slapped the net twice in the last remaining minutes of the game to help his team come out victorious.

In golf they have cute names for how many whacks it takes to knock a ball in the hole. In soccer, there is the "hat trick." Messi managed his own hat trick in 2009 where his team managed a 3-1 win against their opponent. The hat trick is where a single player scores three times in a single game. Thus, Messi accounted for the whole of the score in that game.

The 2008-2009 season was a monster for Messi, or as they may say in Spain if my translation device is operating properly, "monstruo de la temporada!"

Among other Messi things:

Messi won a Copa del Rey
Messi helped to win La Liga
Messi assisted Barcelona in winning the Champions League
Messi became the top (el toppo) score grabber in the Champions League
Messi became the youngest top scorer in same
Messi amassed the UEFA Club Forward of the Year
Messi snatched the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year
Messi was a primary force in his team scoring all three important events; The Copa del Rey, La Liga, and the Champions League all on the same year. A first for any team of Spain.
Messi hailed as tops by club manager and contract extended until 2016 or the 2nd Coming, whichever comes first.
Messi earns nearly 10 million euros annually. In 2011 prices, it takes about 10.4 million euros to purchase ten million American bucks, so he's not making all that much
Messi in December 2009 earns the much sought after Ballon d'Or. He dedicated it to his family.

Messi, holding off the end of the year with his massive football muscles burned in the clincher of the 2009 Club World Cup against Estudiantes in Abu Dhab, and two days later earns the FIFA World Player of the Year Award. He was the first man of the Argentines (of late of Spain) to grab that title.

After a well earned rest and Christmas presents, Messi continued his meteoric ascendancy in early January of 2010 with his first hat trick of the season to the roar of approving fans. Before the month was out he would claim his 100th goal for the team!

Eleven goals, five games later, Messi nails another hat trick. Ola!

April sees the soccer monster Messi scoring FOUR goals. By May he had already scored 40 goals, on his way to beating his own dynamic record.

In September, after a raging goal making season he developed the inevitable injury. Thankfully this time around it wasn't a muscle tear. This time a sprain. By October, fully recovered he was up to 50 goals for the year.

Not to be outdone by himself, once again Messi wins the 2010 FIFA unpronounceable Ballon d'Or. A couple of days later he whams in his third hat trick of the year.

In September of 2011 Messi rockets in his 200th goal of the year.

There was rarely a time when a goal would have been hard to locate by the charging Messi.

Messi is the standard bearer for Adidas in the realm of the kicked ball with his own designer Messi shoes which wear equally well in the office or on the field. He also has deals with KFC, Pepsi, and a couple of other smaller time players.

Messi is to soccer what Sugar Ray was to boxing and Andretti was to racing. Although he has a closet full of bragging rights, it is said that he's a humble decent fellow. Messi is the real deal.

Messi would probably do it.

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